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A freak injury which strong Lakers center is engaged in bowling sports + retired reporter Ji Mengnian reported Beijing time this morning, the Liaoning men’s basketball team announced he Tianju patellar fracture message on their official micro-blog. It is reported that he is Tianju at the team hotel he accidentally slipped, eventually led to the emergence of symptoms of patella fracture. Whether in CBA or NBA, the injury situation is not uncommon today sports + small for you to check those players because of an accident on the outside. 1. He Tianju, who went to the hospital to check out that he was injured two times in the last year because of an accidental injury to the off side factor, went to the hospital for the first time in a year or so. In the beginning of the CBA finals, he was injured in the conflict with the fans in his right hand, eventually missed the finals of the remaining games. In recent days, he accidentally fell in the hotel, resulting in fracture of the patella. This experience so that he was very frustrated, but also to the Liaoning coach Guo Shiqiang very helpless. 2. In addition to Boozer he Tianju, and a CBA player once because of accidental injury due to fracture, he is the Guangdong team of foreign aid Carlos Boozer?. That year, Boozer is a member of Chicago, soon after the midfielder in the summer of 2010 to join the team will be hanging mianzhanpai. The reason why he was injured was because he hurried to open the door at home and was tripped by a sports bag. Because of this, he was absent for 8 weeks. 3. Przybilla perhaps you can not remember the name, when Przybilla as a pioneer in the replacement center to play NBA. Once, he had to slide, in its own bathroom. At this time, he had just finished repairing his right knee patella, the accident let his old injury recurrence, which led directly to the end of his NBA career. 4. Perkins’s such a thing naturally Perkins. Once Perkins is home to sleep, but did not think his bed had collapsed, smashing the bed onto Perkins’s foot. Although there is no fracture, but then he only some simple cycling and running without the ball training, also missed the Celtics against the Sacramento kings. 6. Radmanovic in China, such as the men’s ski nickname, the nickname is actually due to an accidental injury events in the event of the name of the name, such as. NBA players are not allowed to participate in may cause great harm to their physical sports, but there are still players repeatedly entered the minefield. That year, a member of the Lakers’ Radmanovic because of taking part in skiing when stepped on the ice fall, leading to a dislocated shoulder. Later he accidentally falls to the alliance is false, is to find out the truth, he was eventually fined $500 thousand. 7. Bynum Bynum’s story we had a knee for having heard it many times, as a major player in history, Bynum is the first in the offseason after joining the 76 people but no active rehabilitation his knee injury, but fell in love with the sport of bowling. In fact, bowling for the weight of the players knee wear is very large, and Bynum is also a Paul P相关的主题文章: