Breasts change cotton, soft as if in the clouds

Chest becomes cotton, soft as if in the cloud to give you a small purple welfare, I sacrifice myself, was massaged for 1 hours of chest! Now recall…… Kinda cool! I know you’re sick. I’m talking about chest care! Look, there are benefits oh! This is a serious touch the chest experience DONNABELLA purple Xinqi’er open stores in the mall, a small purple birthday to enjoy the welfare of employees, before I go there go, just in the office before going there ~ small purple head fantasy countless movie dark rubbing small workshop plot did not think the reality is so tall! Let me send a diagram to force. After entering the shop, the clerk gave me a cup of water to add water, fill in the personal information, change the shoes, and then took me into the room! Good tension oh! Then, little purple was asked to take off clothes…… Fortunately, just the jacket, the process of taking off their own imagination, put the picture will be reported! After preparation, the first twenty minutes of the chest massage oil, clear lymph. Personally ticklish, maintenance division said the pain, I do not think that feeling is very itchy. This crazy sister is not easy to put on the map ah…… The chest woman is very important, with the increasing age, gravity will continue to sagging breasts, breast and unsmooth will chest disease lay hidden, so the chest maintenance is very important. After the oil massage, is to use DONNABELLA purple Qi professional chest maintenance machine for half an hour of maintenance. The maintenance division first in your chest with some care cream, and then take a cup of chest and machine to link to you, when the machine is running, and a vacuum cup chest, with a force to help you lift the chest. A small purple flow down, feeling very comfortable, and there are different packages for different needs, basic is maintenance, do chest soft, like the clouds oh hey! So we come back to the SO, a person can not enjoy the benefits of the purple mother! Such a good touch chest experience, of course, to share with you! DONNABELLA purple Xinqi’er breast full activation of curing course price 2880 yuan, now only 398.8 yuan (4 times)! A single experience about 1 hours long! WeChat online booking Donnabella purple woman concerned about breast health, care for women’s lifelong happiness! China women’s health leading brands, the Chinese district is headquartered in Beijing, currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hongkong, Chongqing, Dalian, Shenyang, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Yinchuan, Nanchang, Xiamen city nearly 60 stores.相关的主题文章: