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Calligraphy collection has become a fashion to see how the calligraphy is expert source: Wenhuage painting collection and investment along with the people living standard and cultural quality continues to improve, has always been loved by the literati of antiques, paintings and other collections, more and more into the homes of ordinary people, antique trading in our country has become increasingly prosperous. Also known as antique antiques, the contents of all kinds of ceramics, stone, cover and contain everything, and jade, bronze, painting, paper, old furniture, wood carving, ancient coins, ancient books, articles of daily use…… All in all, everything that you have today, as long as you find it interesting to hide, seems to be called an antique. At leisure, leisure time, or alone, or invite 32 friends, with a thin evaluation, can make people suddenly seem to travel through time and traveling in the river of time. Such as back in history, has its own written records of the Zhou Dynasty, has been the emperor, the eunuch and literati of the cultural tradition of playing the antiquities. This tradition has been in China for more than three thousand years. Until the late Qing Dynasty and Republic of China, in almost any one who has knowledge, identity, status of the literati official mansion, the more will hang the picture on the celebrity calligraphy and painting, the hall will be more or less put on a circle of mahogany chairs, made more or less and some ceramics, jade, stone as decoration. China broad and profound historical origin, is the use of calligraphy and painting, thousands and thousands of words can not say clearly what is China calligraphy. China let Westerners worship the art of calligraphy and painting. He said the characteristics of traditional calligraphy and painting Chinese than painting more profound magic. The traditional calligraphy and painting China not focus perspective, does not emphasize the nature change of lights on the objects, not rigidly adhere to the appearance of similar objects. But more emphasis on expressing the subjective feelings of the author. China exquisite calligraphy "to write to God", is the pursuit of "wonderful in between like and do not like" feeling, "it is not like most like through objects" (Xu Beihong’s words). While painting, pay attention to the "write shaped", of course, in the process of creation, but also pay attention to the performance of "spirit", but the painting is very particular about the whole picture, summary. Some people say that painting is "reproduction" of art, and Chinese calligraphy is the art of "performance". Category: from the art of calligraphy and painting to calligraphy and painting China classification is divided into landscape flowers and birds painting, it is mainly to describe the different objects to the division. In pen and ink, calligraphy and painting style is an important part of China. With exquisite thickness, alleviate disease, frustration, turning radius, etc., to represent object texture, the ancients summed up the eighteen scanning lines use. With exquisite ink hook, cracked, and stained with each other, dry, wet, thick, pale, black allocation. China calligraphy ink is clever, is concentrated at the wonderful shades of Aioi, without delay, light at the beautiful but not obscure, strong light, in the light of thick, thick and the most concentrated and thick, pale and slightly lighter and lighter, flexible pen features. As a contemporary painter Li Kuchan painting ink charge, ink dripping, unrestrained. Zhu Xuanxian’s extremely enthusiastic, unrestrained, Hongmei LaoLa, tolerance and artistic style of the grand and magnificent. Chinese calligraphy and painting and calligraphy have a lot in common in the tool and the pen hand.相关的主题文章: