Carry forward the spirit of sports and boost China’s power-t420s

Promote the sports spirits Chinese no power of what can better reflect the spirit of sports than exciting combatant; not what the Olympic games than the national anthem and flag to inspire national pride. "The Chinese athletes outstanding performance in the Olympic Games in Rio, vivid interpretation of the Olympic spirit and the Chinese sports spirit", "Pride inspired the patriotic enthusiasm of people across the country and the world Chinese people’s sense, strengthen the cohesion of the Chinese nation, the centripetal force, self-confidence". General secretary Xi Jinping, met with the thirty-first Olympic Games Chinese sports delegation, praising ebullience Chinese athletes show the Chinese sports spirit, the spirit of sports as an important manifestation of the spirit of the China, called on the whole society to learn the courage to go beyond self defeating and fighting spirit, gather up the whole country struggle of people of all ethnic groups of the powerful spiritual force. The Olympic Games is a sports venue, but also athletes show fighting spirit, show the national image of the place. The Olympic Games, from the women’s volleyball team, the first to dare to show not afraid of strong fighting spirit, to "I want to represent Chinese in ten Olympic Games" announcement of patriotism, and to "the exhausted power" embodies the spirit of self transcendence, China athletes with high morale, tenacious style, exquisite skills. Show the national spirit of patriotism, collectivism, team spirit, heroism spirit to the whole world, a vivid interpretation of never giving up courage, solidarity, the spirit of sports, highlighting a new image of modern Chinese atmosphere calm, confident and open, surging vitality. The most energetic person. "This team won the gold medals and athletes are good. This did not get the gold medal, but the teams and athletes in their best in the game, but also are good". Not only for the gold medal, but not only for Ranking Ranking, the most valuable is not only a result, and constantly challenge themselves, beyond the self, in order to achieve better self indomitable spirit. From many players feel the "flag in this moment is how not easy" to hundreds of millions of TV viewers with praise, emerge from the spirit of patriotism, collectivism, beyond the boundaries of sports, allowing millions of people to feel a strong spiritual force, gather powerful positive energy. The goal of a well-off society in an all-round way close at hand, the great rejuvenation of the picture is clear, in recent years, we have never been so close to the dream, never like this, in the top of the sprint in the rare encounter difficulties and challenges. Difficult to walk the road is uphill road, is climbing over the ridge, pass through the narrow wins, the more the need to stimulate strong morale and spirit of great power, and the need to carry forward the indomitable spirit, inspiring Chinese strength, so as to achieve the "two one hundred year" goal to gather high morale and majestic force, provide a powerful spiritual force Everfount in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream. "Go down the podium, everything from scratch." Athletes with action shows that the hard work is only a starting point without end point, only when there is no complete. Today, more than ever, we need to carry forward the spirit of sports, inspire China’s power to promote the;相关的主题文章: