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Science shows that women are better when the programmer can code level Male 广西大学中加学院

Science shows that women are better when the programmer can code: male agricultural source: Fried Eggs U.S. researchers analyzed open source project sharing service Github about 1 million 400 thousand user data. They found that women’s request code had a higher rate of pass through than men. The study is waiting for peer review. This means that the results are yet to be commented on by other experts. These from the California Polytechnic State University and North Carolina State University researchers, from April 1, 2015 4 million in the user login Github from 1 million 400 thousand users. Github is a huge developer community and does not require its 12 million users to fill in gender information. But the team is still able to distinguish them from the 1 million 400 thousand men’s sex, because the user data or their e-mail address can reveal traces. The researchers also acknowledge that there is privacy risk, so they do not intend to publish raw data. The team found that women’s request code had a combined acceptance rate of 78.6%, compared with 74.6% for males. The researchers consider a variety of factors, such as women know the possibility of some problems is higher, their contribution is shorter or they do the task easier and they use the programming language and so on, but the researchers found no correlation. However, those not known in the Github community of people, gender data show that he is put forward women who request code through the merger rate than those who are not obvious gender is much lower. Gender bias from an outsider’s perspective, we see the traces of gender bias: when women gender neutral data, they request code with the pass rate of 71.8%, but once they show that they are women, they immediately fell to 62.5% pass rate. Men’s passing rates also showed a similar decline, but not so obvious. Overall, women request code merging through higher rate than men, but when they become outsiders and their sex can be identified, their pass rate is lower than men. The researchers concluded: "our results show that although women in Github are generally more competent, they still encounter gender bias." Although there are high-profile initiatives, technology companies are still faced with the problem of employee diversity (in terms of gender and ethnicity). According to 2015 data, only 16% of Facebook technicians are women, and Google is only 18%. Sue Black OBE, a computer scientist, says that even so, the results are encouraging. She said: "I think these women showed interest in programming in the recovery, in the next few years, women will gradually interested in other technical related occupation. Knowing that women are good at programming will allow more women to work in the field of technology. Ada Lovelace, a woman who started the concept of software, is also a woman who knows this to better encourage and support women into the software industry."

科学表明女性更适合当程序员:男码农情何以堪   文章来源:煎蛋   美国的研究人员分析了开源项目共享服务Github里约140万用户的资料。他们发现女性提出的请求代码合并通过率比男性更高。该研究正在等待同行评议。这意味着这一结果尚有待其他专家点评。   这些来自加州州立理工大学和北卡罗莱纳州立大学的研究人员们,从2015年4月1日登入Github中的400万名用户中抽取了140万名用户。Github是一个庞大的开发者社区,并不要求其1200万用户填写性别信息。   不过该团队依旧能够辨别他们抽取的这140万人的性别,因为用户资料或者他们的邮箱地址都能透露蛛丝马迹。研究人员们也承认这有隐私风险,因此他们并不打算公布原始数据。   该团队发现女性提出的请求代码合并接受率为78.6%,而男性提出来的仅74.6%。研究人员们考虑了各种因素,比如女知道某些问题的可能性是否更高,她们贡献的代码更短或者她们做的任务更容易以及她们使用的编程语言等等,但研究人员没有找到相关联系。   然而那些在Github社区里并不出名的人中,性别资料显示自己是女性的人提出的请求代码合并通过率比那些性别不明显的人低得多。   性别偏见   从局外人的角度来看,我们看到了性别偏见的痕迹:当女性的性别资料中立的时候,她们提出的请求代码合并通过率为71.8%,可一旦她们表明自己是女性,她们的通过率立刻降至62.5%。男性的通过率也有相似的下降,但并没有这么明显。   总体来看女性提出的请求代码合并通过率比男性更高,可当她们成为外来者且她们的性别可被鉴定出来的时候,她们的通过率比男性低。研究人员们总结道:“我们的结果表明虽然Github里的女性总体来说更能干,但她们还是会遇到性别偏见。”   虽然有各种高调的倡议,但科技公司依旧面临着员工多样性的问题(从性别和种族这方面来看)。根据2015年的数据,脸书的技术人员里仅16%为女性,谷歌仅18%。   计算机科学家Sue Black OBE博士表示,即便如此这一结果依旧令人鼓舞。她说:“我认为这些表明女性对编程的兴趣在复苏,在接下来的几年时间里,女性也会慢慢对其它与技术相关的职业感兴趣。知道女性擅长编程,会让更多女性进入科技领域工作。最开始提出软件概念的Ada Lovelace也是一名女性,知道这一点才能更好地鼓励并支持女性进入软件行业。”相关的主题文章:

Fed Rosengren aim to increase interest rates or provide protection for the economy 黑河学院

Rosengren: the target Fed rate hike or close to provide protection for the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national economy industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks in Beijing on the evening of 31 – the United States Federal Reserve Bank of Boston governor Rosen Glen said Wednesday in China, the Fed may achieve the inflation and employment the target quickly, and should take into account the faster Shengxi may help avoid commercial real estate prices and other economic risks. Rosengren said that interest rates should depend partly on the risks faced by financial stability. This suggests that the Fed is about to tighten its policy. He points out that while interest rates are at record lows, unemployment is falling, and prices of commercial real estate are rising sharply". He said that as the economy is at or near full employment, inflation gradually close to the 2% target, can quickly achieve the Fed’s so-called "dual mission". "Faster to achieve the normalization of interest rates, may slow down to reach full employment and price stability in the dual mission of speed to a certain extent, but also may reduce the risk of the next round of economic downturn from the dual mission to a greater extent," Rosengren published in Beijing said in a speech. This year, he has the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy voting rights. Rosengren has been considered a relative dovish, saying that there are risks in keeping interest rates low for a long time. He spoke with the governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Evans, at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of finance. The conference is not open to the media. Today Rosengren did not mention whether he is expected before the end of a rise, he reiterated that the implementation of gradual monetary tightening reserve plan to support economic growth in the United states. Yellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve, said last Friday that the reason for raising interest rates was "growing", and the message passed by Rosengren seemed to be consistent with Yellen’s view. The fed in December last year for the first time to raise interest rates in the past 10 years, the interest rate will rise from near zero, but due to the domestic economic downturn and overseas market volatility has kept interest rates unchanged. The Federal Reserve is most concerned about inflation and unemployment, Rosengren warned that the commercial real estate prices show that banks, investors and households might bear "in excess risk", he had pointed out that the risk of the past. Although with the China and other countries overseas investment increase, housing occupancy rate is also increased, but in the United States, especially in coastal areas, compared with net income of real estate prices fell to a record low. "Once the U.S. economy suffers a major negative impact, it may pose a problem for the stability of the U.S. economy," Rosengren said in his speech. (finished) editor in charge: Li Wu SF053

联储罗森格伦:目标接近实现 加息或可为经济提供保护 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股 北京时间31日晚讯 美国波士顿联邦储备银行行长罗森格伦周三在中国表示,美联储可能很快实现通胀和就业的目标,并应考虑到更快升息可能有助于避免商业地产价格上涨等经济风险。   罗森格伦称,升息应部分取决于金融稳定性面临的风险。这暗示联储即将收紧政策。他指出,利率处于记录低位的同时失业率下降,而商业地产等资产价格“急剧上涨”。   他表示,随着经济处于或接近充分就业、通胀率“逐渐接近”2%的目标,美联储的所谓双重使命“可能较快实现”。   “更快实现利率正常化,或许会在一定程度上拖慢达成充分就业和物价稳定双重使命的速度,但同时可能会将降低下一轮经济滑坡时期在更大程度上背离双重使命的风险,”罗森格伦即将在北京发表的讲话稿中称。今年他拥有联储的货币政策投票权。   罗森格伦被外界认为相对鸽派,他称长期保持低利率存在各种风险。他与芝加哥联邦储备银行行长埃文斯一道在上海高级金融学院举行的会议上讲话。该会议不向媒体开放。   罗森格伦今天并未提及他是否预计年底前升息,他重申联储计划实行缓慢渐进的货币紧缩,以支持美国经济增长。   美联储主席耶伦上周五称升息的理由在“不断增强”,罗森格伦传递的信息似乎与耶伦的说法一致。   联储去年12月进行了近10年来首次升息,将利率从近零水准调升,但此后因国内经济低迷及海外市场震荡而一直维持利率不变。   联储最为关注通胀和失业率,罗森格伦则警告称,商业地产价格上涨表明银行、投资者及家庭或许在承担“过多的”风险,他过去就曾点明这一风险。   虽然随着中国及其他国家的海外投资增加,房屋占用率也在提高,但在全美、尤其是东西海岸地区,相对于房价的房产净收益已降至纪录低位。   “一旦美国经济遭受重大负面冲击,这可能给美国经济稳定带来问题,”罗森格伦在讲话准备稿中指出。(完) 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章:

Deutsche Bank Internal letter our liquidity reserves of more than 215 billion euros 湖南建材高等专科学校

Deutsche Bank Internal letter: liquidity reserves we more than an internal letter sent to all employees of CEO John Cryan of Deutsche Bank 215 billion euros Friday, both for the employees cheer for Deutsche Bank name. He pointed out that Deutsche Bank’s liquidity reserves of more than 215 billion euros, the market speculation is unfounded. Over the past 20 years, the bank’s balance sheet has never been so strong. The following is the full text of the letter inside, the Wall Street informative translation: Dear colleagues: you have already seen the media reported that several hedge fund clients we removed some derivatives of assets, which causes some unnecessary worries. We should look beyond some of Deutsche Bank: a total of more than 20 million customers. I understand, you may heavy-hearted of reports. We got a lot of guesswork. Endless rumors caused a big fluctuation in stock prices. Now, our task is to prevent these distortions from further affecting our daily business. Credit is the cornerstone of banking. Some of the forces in the market want to break that credit. Deutsche Bank has a strong foundation. Let me tell you a few of the most important facts: 1. We meet all the capital requirements, and our reorganization is proceeding in an orderly way. We completed the asset sale of Abbey Life, the British insurance company this week, and the sale of our stake in Huaxia Bank will be completed soon. This will further increase our capital adequacy ratio. 2, in recent years, we have greatly reduced the risk of the market and corporate bonds. Over the past 20 years, the bank’s balance sheet has never been so strong. 3, despite the difficult environment such as low interest rates, we realized a pre tax profit of 1 billion euros in the first half of 2016. If not included in the restructuring costs and other special projects, our profit is 1 billion 700 million euros. This shows that Deutsche Bank has a strong operational capability. 4, in today’s environment, our liquidity reserves become the most important factor. At present, our liquidity reserve is over 215 billion euro. It’s a very comfortable seat pad, and it also shows that our plan is very conservative. This is something that many banking analysts have recognized. Therefore, these conjectures are groundless. Moreover, if our ultimate reconciliation standards and peer consistency, the United States Department of justice on the fine and not so big we have on our price pressure. In the past few days, great efforts have been made. Are you in line with the client ceaselessly to maintain communication, so that they understand the real situation of Deutsche bank. You represent Deutsche Bank – it’s impressive. All the members of our management committee are very proud of it. Keep trying, just as you’ve been doing all the time. Deutsche Bank is now strong, and will continue to remain strong. The full text of the English text is as follows: Dear Colleagues, You will have seen speculation in the reduced media that a few of our hedge fund clients have.

德银内部信:我们的流动性储备超过2150亿欧元德银CEO John Cryan周五向全体员工发了一封内部信,既为员工们打气,也为德银正名。他指出,德银的流动性储备超过2150亿欧元,市场的种种猜测是毫无根据的。过去20年来,德银的资产负债表从来没有像现在这样稳固。以下为内部信全文,由华尔街见闻翻译:亲爱的同仁:你们已经看到,媒体报道称我们的几家对冲基金客户撤走了一些衍生品资产,由此引发了一些没有必要的担忧。我们应该把眼光放得更远一些:德银一共有超过2000万客户。我理解,你们可能对连篇累牍的报道忧心忡忡。我们受到了很多猜测。无休止的谣言引发了股价大幅波动。如今,我们的任务是防止这些歪曲的消息进一步影响到我们的日常业务。信用是银行业的基石。市场上的某些力量希望打破这种信用。德意志银行拥有强大的根基。让我来给大家说几个最重要的事实:1、我们满足所有的资本金要求,我们的重组正在有序进行。我们本周完成了旗下英国保险公司Abbey Life的资产出售,我们对华夏银行股权的出售马上就要完成。这将进一步提高我们的资本充足率。2、近年来,我们大大降低了市场和公司债风险。过去20年来,德银的资产负债表从来没有像现在这样稳固。3、尽管面临低利率等艰难的环境,我们2016年上半年实现了10亿欧元的税前利润。如果不计入重组成本等特殊项目,我们的利润为17亿欧元。这表明,德银有着强大的运营能力。4、在如今的环境下,我们的流动性储备成为最重要的因素。目前,我们的流动性储备超过2150亿欧元。这是一个非常舒服的安全垫,也表明我们的计划确实很保守。这一点,无数的银行业分析师都是认可的。因此,这些猜测都是没有根据的。而且,如果我们最终的和解标准和同行保持一致,美国司法部对我们的罚款并不会对我们的股价产生这么大的压力。过去几天,大家都做出了巨大的努力。是你们在一线不断地与客户保持沟通,让他们明白德银的真实状况。你们就代表了德意志银行——这令人印象深刻。我们管理委员会的全体成员对此都赞誉有加。请继续努力,就像你们一直以来做得那样。德意志银行现在很强大,并将继续保持强大。附英文全文如下:Dear Colleagues,You will have seen speculation in the media that a few of our hedge fund clients have reduced some activities with us. That is causing unjustified concerns. We should consider this in the context of the bigger picture: Deutsche Bank overall has more than 20 million clients.I understand if you feel concerned by the extensive coverage on this issue. Our bank has become subject to speculation. Ongoing rumours are causing significant swings in our stock price.It is our task now to prevent distorted perception from further interrupting our daily business. Trust is the foundation of banking. Some forces in the markets are currently trying to damage this trust.Deutsche Bank has strong fundamentals. Let me mention some of the most important facts at this point: 1. We fulfil all current capital requirements and our restructuring is well on track. We completed the disposal of the British insurer Abbey Life this week and the sale of our stake in the Chinese Hua Xia Bank will be finalised soon. This will further improve our capital ratio.2. We have significantly decreased our market and credit risk in recent years. At no point in the last two decades has the balance sheet of Deutsche Bank been as stable as it is today.3. Despite low interest rates and a difficult environment we posted a pre-tax profit of about 1 billion euros in the first half of 2016. Before extraordinary items like restructuring costs, we earned about 1.7 billion euros. This demonstrates the operating strength of Deutsche Bank.4. In a situation like this, the most important factor is our liquidity reserves. Currently they still amount to more than 215 billion euros. This is an extremely comfortable buffer. This is clear proof of how conservatively we have planned. This is acknowledged by numerous banking analysts.There is therefore no basis for this speculation. Nor can uncertainty about the outcome of our litigation cases in the US explain this pressure on our stock price, if we take the settlements of our peers as a benchmark.You have all done a tremendous job over the past few days. You are the ones who are in constant contact with our clients and making it clear how Deutsche Bank is really doing. You are Deutsche Bank – that is impressively clear. All of us in the Management Board highly appreciate it.You will hear back from me soon. Please keep working as you have been doing so far. We are and we remain a strong Deutsche Bank.Yours sincerely,John Cryan 更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: