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Chang and overtaking with the first half of 15 cases of     head of " on real estate, keen; see customers, site – Property – original title: Chang and overtaking with the first half of 15 cases of head are " see customers, real estate, on the site with the silver era. Real estate enterprises explosive growth has been very difficult to see. But for just entering the fast lane and Chang Group, but ushered in a good opportunity to turn overtaking. In two 80 executives led by Chang and group relies on fine management and fast operation, last year sales amount of 7 billion 320 million yuan, an increase of more than 100%, the annual sales area of 1 million 15 thousand square meters, ranked 89 in housing prices in TOP100, and the first among the national real estate comprehensive strength 100 and operational efficiency ten. At the same time, and Chang Group in September 1st officially announced the company’s future development strategy. Chang and group vice president and CEO of estate Chang Hu Bo said, the Future Ltd will actively enter the deep North of Guangzhou to take, and pay close attention to key city opportunities, the rapid growth of the size of the company in return under the premise of weight. The company expects this year’s sales target will exceed 10 billion yuan, in 2017 will reach $20 billion, and by 2020, and Chang Group is expected to reach the sales target of $50 billion. In addition, when the earth to shoot higher and higher prices, this is definitely a room gezonglianheng era, jointly take a trend, cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, has become more and more frequent. This is a good opportunity to develop rapidly and Chang group. From last year to now, we have a number of well-known housing prices and cooperation in a number of cities to get the project, there are a large number of cooperation projects." Hu Bo revealed that many companies are willing to find housing and cooperation. The relative outside hundred housing prices, and Chang Group has the strength to ensure that their competence, can attract a good land and housing prices and the active cooperation of chang. With the well-known large enterprises cooperation, and the strategy of flexible manipulator, "Chang, naming, financial investors, can negotiate". Hu Bo said that the future will continue to cooperate and get together, cooperative development, to further accelerate the expansion of scale. And in the face of the current fluctuations in the land and the property market, and Chang will be a flexible response, we get each project can be able to fight any market risk, focusing on shareholder returns." It is worth noting that, in view of the present situation of China most developers only do "house" business, and Chang also launched its own community service "and ecological community", share four major systems including living, life, beauty and Mu and grow, kind, from planning and design to the living facilities, from the property services to neighborhood interaction, covering all aspects of life. With the first half of 15 cases and Chang into the fast lane for the real estate business, land is the most important resource, while Chang and want to achieve 5 times in 6 years of earnings growth, how to layout, how to get to the key is to reach the goal of. "Chang and the next investment layout, known as the strategic concern to the second city, opportunistic)相关的主题文章: