Chen Baoguo believes invincible leading anti drama broadcasting station ppbox

Chen Baoguo believes "invincible" leading anti drama broadcasting station Sina entertainment news near the end of 2016, Tianjin satellite TV has scheduled three wonderful TV series like the drama of the audience, "invincible", "an anonymous letter", "mission impossible" tonight (November 4th) 19: 30 will be landing in Tianjin TV evening prime time, Chen Baoguo, Ding Zhicheng, Feng Yuanzheng [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Zheng Yu, [micro-blog] and a all star power to send not only for the audience to bring wonderful performances during the "Heroes" guest Tianjin TV program will also broadcast in the television series, tells the story behind the unknown. "Invincible" series of song "invincible" open letter "war" in the drama show first aired tonight "invincible" is the letter "invincible" TV series episode six the last one, the play tells the story of Chen Baoguo’s ninth brigade Fan Tianxi Yunnan Yunnan 8 year war, the collapse of the brave the enemy conspiracy stories, fusion spy suspense, history of war, evil game, love parting and many other elements, reflect the spirit of patriotism and heroism. As to which the spring son has a dual identity, and is a charming prostitute, sometimes is the underground workers full of sense of justice. Liu Xiang ex-wife Ge days playing sexy sexy autumn son, and Chen Baoguo has a revolutionary friendship, and finally to protect the generous love to die. The Ge day changing shape, not only highlight the body cheongsam, also show the bright and brave army. Director Zhang Guoqing said: "knowing his lack of experience on the Ge day, to" Li Xue "type modestly in front of Chen Baoguo. And with such a gorgeous flirtatious GeTian socialite confuse the enemy, Chen Baoguo in the play can often change danger into safety." "Art of Wuhu" first screen "nameless" poly dream "nameless" tells the story of the Anti Japanese War of the early revolutionary youth money style to their faith and selfless love love to win understanding and support, and eventually become a partner with your partner, hand in hand and face puppet story. The show will be held in November 22nd in Tianjin satellite TV broadcast nationwide, is the famous actor Ding Zhicheng for the first time behind the transformation of sincerity to make, play money style have multiple identities, Xiwai Ding Zhicheng is also the producer and actor double identity. The main 80% are Beijing people’s Art Theatre actors, including Wu Gang, Feng Yuanzheng, [micro-blog] high fuyuhira [micro-blog], Wang Gang and Ding Zhicheng with people’s Art Theatre, class 85 students, known as the "people’s five". The co starred in "nameless", called the "dream team" big screen theater together, but also the achievements of cooperation for the first time the screen 30 years after graduation, the gathering of dreams "more" art of Wuhu "precious friendship. Zheng Yu and his wife work to write a "mission impossible" "mission impossible" tells the story of Yin San for the protection of underground party members carry the telegram password mathematical genius blue sky, and the story of the Japanese game to start life and death. The play will be broadcast on Tianjin TV in December 11th, the script with the core of the secret war as the core of the struggle to create information, writing for three years, in order to meet the aesthetic needs of young audience. )相关的主题文章: