Chen Hesheng’s news comment, why have sympathy to Xu Jing luonv

Chen Hesheng’s news comment, why have sympathy to Xu Jing [Abstract] eat melon masses eat melon, since the parties have not provided, so let’s watch quiet good. After all, it’s really uncomfortable to be guided by someone else, whether it’s criticism or support. I know miss the commencement, is that most of the female students understand entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong chat gossip ah! Chen divorce nearly two years, the net friend to forgive him? Yesterday, netizens gave their own answers – and No. Yesterday, Chen a photo in the micro-blog Po photo, he held the baby’s hand, with the text "thanksgiving" – yes, Zhang Zixuan to Chen Hesheng a baby. Just saw this little know micro-blog is startled, because although there before Zhang Zixuan’s pregnancy news rumors, but Chen and Zhang Zixuan did not respond positively. After the birth of a child to see a small understand only to find that the original from January 22, 2015 Chen announced a divorce has been more than a year. This year, Chen to continue his career in the public opinion and the sound of abuse, movies, variety, tide brand are fast – Zhang Zixuan retired empty micro-blog, open shop owner also re start models – Xu Jing still see the scenery in the world, also has a new love four characters: Yang Yiliu and Gao Xiaosong on the eve of his ex-wife and love – m a drama "has been off the stage began to adapt to the new life, but the total did not walk out of people – that is, people who eat melon. After Chen made photos, Chen, Zhang Zixuan, Xu Jing also boarded the hot search, it is also a drama of rhythm. Chen He, Xu Jing’s micro-blog comments completely fall, although off the comments, but the same wonderful forwarding the same as the. In Xu Jing micro-blog comments, netizens are "full of love" — On Chen micro-blog comments, although the blessing of the child’s voice, but also the majority of babies born on this comment a day. The children don’t see these foisted upon her abusive, but with such vicious language to attack innocent children, all can not be justified in any case. Marital derailed and abandoned behavior indeed to plum run Chen button on a roof slag man hat, and Zhang Zixuan together, and attacked "Fuzheng mistress". However, although he was at the center of the storm, but he did not have a positive response to a similar topic in addition to the document after the divorce. Because of a cold process he understands the entertainment stars to solve the negative news. This time, however, micro-blog, Chen and his first response to the relationship between himself and Zhang Zixuan, but also to bring back the mood. Netizens criticize his field force has been saved, finally found the outbreak of the vent, so for Xu Jing worth netizens again in the micro-blog set off the war of words. In fact, most do not want to pull on the relationship and the news is perhaps Xu Jing, because it was forced on the hot search is really big embarrassment. First, Chen is her ex husband, two people have been divorced and start their new life, not to each other, as lakes; second, it will make the net.相关的主题文章: