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Chinese’s first large-scale energy storage power stations put into operation successfully – Beijing, China News Agency, Hangzhou, August 26 (Zhao Yejiao Mei Fangyan) 26, a good news from Qinghai Delingha returns to Zhejiang and Hangzhou, the control of Delingha 10MW solar tower thermal power station of molten salt storage light in Qinghai successfully put into operation, a large-scale storage China first the successful operation of the optical power station, is the world’s third tower solar thermal power plant put into operation with large-scale energy storage. The power plant uses Zhejiang controlled solar energy technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development and has independent intellectual property rights of the core technology, equipment localization rate of over 95%. The 10MW tower of molten salt storage power stations mainly through the working principle of double tank structure, with two yuan of nitrate as the heat absorption and heat storage medium, using the large-scale heliostat field collection of solar energy, the molten salt heating and storage according to the grid dispatching instructions, using high temperature and high pressure steam molten salt and water after heat exchange the driving turbine generator, realized the power output, continuous and stable scheduling. The molten salt temperature at the outlet of the molten salt heat exchanger is as high as 568 DEG C, and the superheated steam parameter of the molten salt heat exchanger outlet is at a temperature of 510 DEG C 9MPa, and the technical indexes reach the design value. It is reported that the 10MW tower of molten salt storage core power stations is thermal power generation technology, including light, heat, energy storage and power generation system of the core technology, because of its high power output characteristics, is widely considered one of the most likely alternative power and clean energy, has become an important direction of global new energy development. According to the International Energy Agency predicts that by 2050, solar thermal power will be able to meet 11.3% of global electricity demand. However, this clean energy in the molten salt energy storage system, has been considered the industry’s technical difficulties, after only the United States, Spain and other countries to grasp the individual enterprises. Since 2010, in the control of solar company in China national high technology research and development program under the support of science and technology, after six years, the cumulative investment of nearly 500 million yuan, has overcome the core process of technical problems, the formation of hundreds of patents and software products and other intellectual property rights. It is reported that the development of photovoltaic power generation is an important way to promote energy supply side reform, to achieve a high proportion of renewable energy. During 13th Five-Year, Chinese development goals will be built or installed the 10GW thermal power generation, the first batch of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects driven by China National Energy Bureau will also start. The successful operation of the molten salt storage system, marking the whole process of molten salt storage Chinese self-developed tower solar thermal power generation technology and equipment, through large-scale engineering application, with large-scale application conditions, for the upcoming launch of the demonstration projects cleared the obstacle, or will effectively promote the popularization and application of solar thermal power generation Chinese, promote China achieve energy revolution and energy transformation. (end)相关的主题文章: