College teachers part-time income gap! Advertising Professor part-time one day on the tens of thousa invictus gaming

College teachers part-time income gap! The part-time professor at a day tens of thousands of ads recently, the relevant departments issued "on the implementation in order to increase the value of knowledge for a number of opinions" oriented allocation policy that allows researchers and teachers according to the law of moderate and part-time salary, including allowing researchers to do part-time work to obtain legal income and allows many university teachers engaged in teaching to obtain legal income. The news came out, many college teachers had not said "hidden", "opinions" before the introduction of part-time teachers in Colleges and universities "go" is "open secret". Due to the characteristics of the subject, the market demand is different, there will be some differentiation, it is possible to further exacerbate the gap between the rich and the poor professors. Experts, part-time to moderate, each college to develop a part-time part-time salary evaluation mechanism. The application and experimental college teachers and part-time salary become xiangbobo. (data sheet) is a common market with the fame of part-time go up can not be ignored is that the "opinions" issued before the University Teachers’ Extracurricular part-time is "open secret", 2016 – according to Mycos university teachers salary welfare survey, 50.1% undergraduate vocational teachers and 52.7% teacher Ceng Youwei colleges to increase personal income part-time experience, lecturer and assistant for the increase in personal income and the proportion of part-time higher, more than 50%. Professor Lin is a professor of law at a university in Shandong, is also a law firm. "University teachers in other schools as a part-time lecturer or professor is very normal, but such laws as practical professional, in addition to part-time teaching in Colleges and universities, but also serves as the law firms listed lawyers, one can increase the economic income, on the other hand has also expanded its visibility in the industry, it is very necessary." According to Professor Lin said, as a legal profession, access to the community in order to obtain resources, students are trained in the case study." But Professor Lin does not deny that "social affairs are too busy to be in touch with students." Some advertising design from the university teacher, in addition to their own teaching work, following a string of part-time, some colleges and Universities advertising professor told reporters, "advertising background, if you only have a" instruction "call, then you are guanggansiling, behind have to add a corporate brand consultant, industry association office and the like, or you will feel that you are not known." The professor of advertising monthly salary of less than 8 thousand yuan, but now he went out to talk about a training course appearance fee is $ten thousand. For some applications, college teachers believe that money fast professional. Mr. Li is an associate professor of College of Environmental Sciences, currently in an environmental protection enterprise as a technical guidance, including environmental monitoring, pollution control, water purification, etc., every year there is an additional income. "If the normal wage, associate professor of around 7000 yuan monthly salary, just enough for the whole family, old and young living expenses," go do some after Li fame gradually, slowly well-off life. While Professor Zhang is currently a college teacher, but he has a few companies below, outsiders call him "zhang". Professor Zhang was graduated from the Department of chemistry, the initial research was shelved,.相关的主题文章: