Color value is high, because it was born

Color value is high, because it is born in this season is more than the face of the sun be taken by surprise, yesterday, today the wind howling, hesitant to follow Ma, Faye Wong love to wear down jacket brand Moncler. Speaking of the Moncler brand, not only is the love of Faye Wong, but also Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, Fan Bingbing and many other stars of love, is the national ski mountaineering team equipment, become worthy of the name " Yuhuang ". Moncler is a specialized in the production of outdoor sports equipment, the famous brand, in the outdoor down jacket industry, is the leading international brand, brand has a legendary history. In 1952, Moncler was founded by two French people, mainly producing tents and sleeping bags for outdoor camping. Later Lionel Terray – the first Frenchman to board the Mount Everest to join the Moncler founding team, and proposed the production of climbing down jacket. 1968, the tenth Olympic Winter Games, it is the national ski team of France sponsors. At that time, the reputation of the Moncler down jacket is mostly outdoor sports field, and not associated with fashion. In 2003, the merchant of Italy Remo Ruffini acquired Moncler, began to give this old brand more fashion genes. Today, Moncler has two brand show, "Moncler Gamme Bleu" brand menswear display in the Milan men’s Week held; women’s brand "Moncler Gamme Rouge" show at Paris fashion week held. 2015 autumn and winter Moncler large advertising, to find a hot, high Yan value Smith and Pyper Smith Lucky’s sister. At the same time, in order to reflect the unique Moncler expedition genes, but also specifically went to Iceland shooting.       in 2015 the luxury market is constantly being broken down, Moncler still hand over a good report card. Because before 2013 Moncler listing, it will be Marina Yachting, Henry Cotton (Ma Ruina yacht) "(Henry Caton s), Coast Weber& Ahaus and other sports brands off, listed companies only including luxury jacket known Moncler single brand. Since then, Marina Yachting (Ma Ruina yacht) from the Moncler brand, and continue to develop innovation, thus forming its own unique style of fashion. As a sibling, Marina Yachting brand has not lost on the quality of Moncler.       Marina Yachting (Ma Ruina yacht) brand from Yuhuang Moncler, nature is welcomed, not only for the majority of people in favor of trust, it is the brightest star of the beloved!!相关的主题文章: