Consumers Association to start the double 11 online shopping survey caught false negative negative t

Consumers Association to start the double 11 online shopping survey catch false discounts negative typical online shopping, according to Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October – 13, double, and come again! China Consumer Association announced the launch of 13 in 2016, double the purchase price of goods and services for the experience of the investigation of the activities of the. During the double 11 online shopping sales hit record highs, related consumer disputes also showed a sharp upward trend, the interests of consumers are more prominent damage. Currently, a lot of electronic business platform and related operators are preparing for the "double 11" activities. In order to strengthen social supervision on price and service of domestic major electricity supplier platform of "double 11" goods, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the association will be carried out according to the main sales last year "double 11" business platform during the relatively more categories of goods experience survey, price changes in commodity related with monitoring during this year in mid October to late November specific experience, delivery service and no reason to return, and focus on the evaluation of related goods quality etc.. The experience will be simulated by the consumer rights activist consumer identity, access to video, audio, photos, web pages, such as graphic information first-hand information, and related products commissioned by professional bodies for testing. Consumers Association official said, the results of the experience and the typical problems found in a timely manner to the public, and transferred to the relevant government departments, it is recommended as a typical negative credit treatment. He said, "double 11" before and after 2015, in association for the major domestic electricity supplier platform that discounts, sales of more than 94 items marked price, customer service service, product quality to carry out experiential research activities. The results show that, in terms of price, some of the goods suspected of false discount, there exists a standard price, the existence of "clearing price" flash sale price "and other misleading propaganda form; in the customer service service, some of the goods with" courier warehouse explosion "as an excuse to delay delivery, there is no formal bill or allow consumers to pay the tax point open invoice.; in the quality of products, clothing, bags, footwear part sample problems the fiber content does not match with the actual.相关的主题文章: