County Party Secretary for rural family guilty wife despise money – in the new network let relatives

County Party Secretary for rural family guilty wife despise money – Beijing laissez faire family he owed the family, in order to compensate, he let them in the name of the big money, so find the breakthrough of the briber". Hope that the "family portrait", the "family rot", Anhui province Shouxian County county Party Secretary Zhang Xupeng described as painful lessons — original title: Secretary sacked "immersed in love" fuck Lu Yongcan Yu Fang Han Lu Li Hongjun Zhang Xupeng Court (left two) and Zhang Xugang (right two). July 14, 2014, the Anhui provincial Procuratorate, former Secretary of the county Party Secretary Zhang Xupeng Shouxian County bribery investigation clues handed over to the city of Huaibei. Huaibei municipal procuratorate on July 21st investigation of Zhang Xupeng, Zhang Xupeng and his cousin Zhang Xugang found "the brothers unite together to retrieve the" facts of the crime. In July 19, 2016, Huaibei City Intermediate People’s Court on the case verdict: that Zhang Xupeng used his position to facilitate the acceptance of others and the value of 6 million 448 thousand and 900 yuan (1 million 448 thousand and 900 yuan of bribery alone, bribery 5 million yuan), guilty of accepting bribes and sentenced to eleven years imprisonment, fined 2 million 100 thousand yuan; commit crime of breach of privilege, sentenced to three years imprisonment; decided to implement twelve years imprisonment, fined 2 million 100 thousand yuan. The defendant Zhang Xugang and others received 5 million yuan, bribes, sentenced to ten years imprisonment, fined 1 million 750 thousand yuan. July 29th, Zhang Xugang appeal. Currently, the case is in the second instance procedure. Ravine flying Golden Phoenix in February 18, 1963, Zhang Xupeng was born in a poor mountain village in Anhui Province, Mount Holyoke county. As a family of third sons, his birth did not only bring joy, but let one family bend the brows — they couldn’t keep the child. Zhang Xupeng eventually was offered to others. In foster parents, Zhang Xupeng has two sisters, as the only boy in his family, he was given the opportunity to receive education. In 1979, he was admitted to the College of agriculture, to fly from the valley of the golden phoenix. 1983 graduated from the Department of Agronomy Anhui Agricultural College, was assigned to the Anhui province Mount Holyoke County Fu Bridge Agricultural Station, from the technical and dry, deputy chief of the webmaster, smooth career. In 2008, he was transferred to the deputy magistrate of Shouxian County County Deputy Secretary of the county government. In Shouxian County, he contributed to the development of the local work ability has been widely recognized. Deputy director of the Huaibei municipal procuratorate anti corruption Bureau Yu Quan introduction, "Zhang Xupeng’s work ability is very strong, high theoretical level. When he served as secretary of the township, there are a lot of people respected him, is a rare talent, but he finally fell due to family love." Zhang Xupeng married, a monthly salary of over all, home economic power controlled by his wife. He was the only out of the village, parents and parents siblings are at home farming, he determined the funding assistance family, helpless wife despise their own family, so the family he is owed. In order to take care of his family, he walked on the road of corruption, not only accepting bribes, it also let the family make money. The prosecutor in charge of the case analyzed the case and said: "Zhang Xupeng has nothing to do with himself."相关的主题文章: