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Jewelry-Diamonds Womens are obsessive about Jewellery because it represents femininity and even social status. Women feel beautiful and confident once they are loaded with jewellery. The tradition of wearing jewellery is as old as human civilization. Jewellery has been womens favorite since long. Wedding, social gatherings and celebration are always an ideal place to flaunt jewellery. Modern people are too much fashion conscious. These Days designers and jewelers and manufactures are specially designing jewellery for wedding. Diamond has always fascinated women. But to really think of it we do not know whether it is obsession, craze or passion but jewellery has always lured women. The diamond craze is setting the city ablaze as never before. It is now the ultimate statement of fashion. Some time back the only metal that was talked about was gold. But today the latest trend that has caught every age group is the fascination for diamonds. To begin with every woman in her dressing wants to stand apart in a crowd, and though her dress and accessories like shoes and handbag helps one to score, it is undoubtedly the jewellery that is the deciding factor. "It was earlier perceived that diamonds are meant only for the super rich. Now things have changed for good". Today people are opting for the white stone and metals (like palladium, white gold, platinum) rather than the yellow metal they love. In fact, U.K. and Europe is turning into a good market for Conflict Free Diamonds. The fast moving jewellery items are the rings, earrings and pendants, which sell like hot cakes. Diamonds are often embedded on gold. The usual practice is to use 14 carat gold for the purpose. For the last fifty years, synthetic diamonds are being produced mostly for industrial purposes. It is often regarded that it is still more expensive to manufacture diamonds than to mine them. It is believed that whoever in possession of the mighty Kohinoor will one day rule the world. Queen Victoria added the diamond to her crown, literally. Queen Elizabeth II who inherited the fortunes owns it now and is kept safe in the Tower of London. Diamonds don’t always prove to be a joy forever. The beauty and sparkle of a diamond is the single largest factor in enticing buyers. Besides, the fact that diamonds of particular sizes appreciate in value over time, also influences buyers. Jewellery today has .e of age – and out of the locker. Diamond jewellery satisfies the modern woman’s need for something delicate and wearable. It is also versatile, it .plements all types of costumes and suits both formal and informal occasions. A diamond is the ultimate style icon and makes a statement of elegance and style that no other piece of jewellery can make. Wear one and youll be a point of attraction in a gathering, until another with a better design and size makes an entry, of course. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: