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Croatia — in split pattern sister city leisure days daze split (Split), the Republic of Croatia is a historic city, the second largest city of Croatia, the capital of the split Dalmatia County, the Dalmatia area first big harbor, spa and resort, located on the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia, the east coast of the Adriatic sea, consisting of a the central Peninsula and around the coast, and the city area also includes many small towns along the coast. Split is the east coast of the Adriatic sea transportation hub, have direct access to the Adriatic Sea and the islands of the Apennine Peninsula line, Southeast Europe is also one of the most famous tourist destination.                 Split is the largest gram Luo river city, Rome by the emperor Dacre first (Diocletian) after the abdication of the palace was built here is famous. In the ancient palace of Dacre (Diocletian s Palace) stands a magnificent cathedral. Split itself is also a long history of the ancient city, the old palace and the church has become a landmark of the Split, but also to Split in 1998 to become the United Nations World Cultural heritage. At the same time split is also considered a cultural center in Croatia.                 when doing the trip, because of the limited time, I left with abandoned Zadar and sixteen lakes, and the time to focus on the three city. The split three night just off Zagreb and feel completely different. The moment the Adriatic Sea appears in front of.   just get off, I think it is completely different from Zagreb. The moment the Adriatic Sea appears in front of.   come before heard the split beauty in particular, on the way to the hotel to go see uniformed beauty, all of them are big legs. The left hand is the mobile phone party, from the beginning to the end is a mobile phone shooting. This ship is backlit, so I opened the HDR function of   vivoxshot; in the split schedule is very simple: the first is wandering in the twists and turns of the ancient city, including going to the palace and other attractions; second is to go to the beach the other islands. Arriving at the hotel need to carry the box through the steps, or tired. Accommodation: Dosud House Apartments   Split’s apartment is located in the UNESCO protected area, located in the Dacre Palace (Diocletian Palace s) of the southwest, right above the temple of the Gothic Church of St. Michael post. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and free wi fi. The apartment is 50 meters away from the Riva Promanade promenade, less than 700 meters from the Ba vice Beach beach. Main bus and train.相关的主题文章: