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Cross-strait exchanges should not be how to continue? – in the case of Taiwan authorities did not recognize the 92 consensus in the case of Shanghai and Taipei, the forum is still on the stage of. Cross-strait exchanges should not be carried out? Other counties in Taiwan, according to the "Shuangcheng" model to follow up? For these problems, the need for dialectical view. The transfer of power, resulting in cross-strait exchanges environment changed, of course, affect cross-strait city exchange. However, city communication is not equal to the official cross-strait interaction, the Taiwan authorities did not admit a Chinese principle, is a direct consequence of disruption of the Taiwan Affairs Office and the Mac, ARATS and SEF contact, but not decided to abolish the city exchange. The KMT in 8 years, cross-strait exchanges have "92 consensus" political foundation, city communication smoothly, even the DPP counties such as Kaohsiung can participate, don’t even need to tell the mayor of Kaohsiung "92 consensus" 4 words. However, the current cross-strait relations is uncertain, inter city exchanges was tightening, with additional conditions. The "Shuangcheng forum" is still held, because last year, Taipei mayor Ke Wenzhe to accept the media interview, said "understand and respect, on the" 92 consensus "on" and "a China is not a problem, the two sides of a pro language, although not explicitly recognized the" 92 consensus ". But at least convey goodwill on both sides of the family. Ke Wenzhe is a non party people, so, for his position but understanding, let him pass the qingqi. From the government’s 3 month performance, has been difficult to count on the Taiwan authorities will pay to cross-strait relations, a satisfactory answer. But the two sides hard-earned achievement not once destroyed, the well-being of people on both sides can not be due to the DPP in the gate set into the fish. Therefore, although the official cross-strait communication and communication mechanisms have been broken, but folk exchanges can not be broken. The exchange between the two sides of the city, which is a way of communication between people and official exchanges, will be preserved as much as possible. This is the Shuangcheng forum to continue the background. However, Taoyuan and Chongqing had regularly held "peach Chongqing Metropolitan forum" has been canceled, debut next month in Kaohsiung "2016 global harbor city forum", will not participate in is unknown. Some people think that green, DPP counties according to Wen JE Ko models can be the continuation of city exchanges, the idea is too optimistic. The DPP mayors position on cross-strait relations, before it did not explicitly say "92 consensus", that is, only the DPP and consistent. In this case, the county to carry out inter city exchanges, there must be more clear than Ke Wenzhe. Wang Ping相关的主题文章: