Cultural exchange industry events in October

The exchange industry in October October 16th 2016 memorabilia post money + Internet Forum "post money cultural Silk Road Tour" first station (Beijing Railway Station) ceremony in Beijing Yanqi Hotel Hongyan Hall (APEC Hall) held. In October 17th Yihu Tang and Xu Jun in Shandong meeting, the two sides in Macao area and new pulled reached important consensus. In October 18th, the northern cultural and art collection Trading Center announced that the "treasure mineral resources stamp" collection of the main listing application for delivery. Notice that the "treasure" main business listing stamp of mineral resources in the transaction process, failed to fulfill the relevant provisions of the due diligence, the center has repeatedly interviewed and decided to agree to its delivery for goods (delivery, number 413887, accounting for the total storage capacity of 60%) and relevant formalities. October 18th Xu Xu held a meeting of strategic investors in Linyi, to improve the requirements of the main force, tightened the main management. According to the following requirements: one is to increase 50% without impact, will lose 3 million of the recent placement bonus, there is a greater impact or 80% welfare; two is said to be a benchmark species at least to market value did 200 million, and doubled, both meet, the main force at any time to a new. The three is the future if the main Kongpan low degree is more than the proportion of other capital Kongpan, old main new lost funds, placing the right positions taken lock. Four will be announced in South China to carry out a new round of activities with the original account opening. October 21st is the three anniversary of the Nanjing Wen Jiao Qing, Nanjing culture exchange center to join CCTV securities information channel "inch gold" column group jointly organized the first YouBiKa Forum on cultural development, we invite industry, cultural celebrities, academic circles about YouBiKa new future. In October 21st by the China of Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Heritage Protection Association), sponsored by the Yongxin Cultural Development Co. Ltd. Huayun full technical support the Chinese Heritage Protection Association official website officially launched (run). This is the only official website Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association, is the heritage resources, intangible cultural heritage, focusing on propaganda industry trends, promote industrial development authority to protect the Internet platform. October 24th Shenzhen cultural property exchange and the largest equity parent’s investment fund management institutions flourishing culture industry investment platform Huayun spirit will jointly set up the cultural industry announced that the parent fund, the total size of ten billion yuan, with the power of capital, market-oriented means, through the "culture + finance" mode, service small and micro Wen Chong power enterprises, the Shenzhen cultural property exchange "in" four culture is bigger and stronger. Multi century information technology Limited by Share Ltd in Shenzhen city in October 25th three new board listing bell ceremony was successfully held in Beijing, this is the following Hundsun second text into industry service providers entering the capital market. October 25th Qingdao Jiuzhou commodity trading center issued "on the so-called" rights conflict "events" followed by the statement rumor, the announcement was deleted. The industry media saved two announcements, found in the new announcement, Kyushu s相关的主题文章: