Deborah Alessi How Their .anization Helps Women Cope Up With Domestic Violence-drop dead diva

Health The moment that you admit to the man you love and care for has already changed into a beast that beats you any time he wants. When Deborah Alessi had these realizations, she left her boyfriend without having any second thought. Together with her now husband Dr. David Alessi who is a surgeon, she has be.e an active member of her .anization that will assist women who have been attacked by their partner. Face Forward provides surgery for woman and children pro bono, who cant afford their own surgery or have no health insurance. Women should know and exercise their rights. They have to know there is help out there for them. She must not be blinded with her love for the man that had hit her. The first necessary step to take is to admit that she is experiencing domestic violence and no longer keep silent about it. This is what Deborah Alessi did. She took the right actions to halt her bad experience with her partner to an end. How can someone help you if you yourself do not want to acknowledge that you are a victim already of domestic violence? Deborah founded Face Forward .anization that provides necessary assistance for women who have experienced violence. One of the best help that they offer reconstructive surgery to let these women acquire their old physical appearance pro bono. Most of the patients that Deborah and her husband Dr. Alessi have helped mostly require extensive surgery. The scars, bruises and physical damages especially on the face often need several surgeries to restore their physical looks. The surgery procedures are done to remedy the physical damages. This is just one of the assistances provided by Face Forward which is a part of Deborahs crusade in fighting domestic violence to women. Deborah is always ready to extend every help she and her husband can do to violated women for them to be able to move forward as long as they will abide with the rules. Necessary documents like patients records from the hospital, police reports and papers that can prove the abusive acts of men to these women must be presented. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: