Desert sand, fire burnt – war with the battlefield.

Desert sand, fire burnt – "war" with detailed ground battlefield Mobei barren and dry, although sparsely populated, but due to the Ming Dynasty and other countries on the boundary in the tug of war never stop condition for a long time. "War" 9.19 burning dream first test, with smoke again, waiting for you to come to light fire! In September 19th, 3D super real war "war" burning dream will shock the first test on the burning brain encounter waiting for you to experience! Log on to the official website of the game, learn more about the flag battle information, get involved in winning activation code! A "war" "war" for the NetEase’s "Ming studio" after 5 years of effort to build a super real war games 3D. Based on the background of the Ming Dynasty, let the game player in the game the Quartet, a great battle aspect, reducing cold war world. "War" has a very fine picture quality and ultra high performance, for the NetEase in 2016 strategic level products. At the core of the game battle mode, the war pioneered ART (action Action Real-time Tactic real-time tactical gameplay). Game player can be operated at the same time and Corps Combat generals, generals can experience fighting action game like Yuanmin, and Paibingbuzhen, experience strategizing, Paibingbuzhen, command battle strategy aspect thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. In the overall combat generals, and strive to reach consensus and action game battle experience. The game uses no lock battle mode, all the generals have obvious features of common attacks and skills, attack, defense, fusion of hard straight, Dodge, batter and other action game elements, making the battle smooth refreshing, very sense of game. The Corps, "war" to create a rich and diverse, unique sense of corps play strategy. The current version has opened seven sequence has more than and 20 units, each unit has its own characteristics, and have certain restraint relationship. Each group has a number of characteristics and formation of the Corps skills, improve the army command system, the game player in the rapidly changing battlefield, can at any time according to the situation of battlefield command Corps change strategy, experience strategizing strategy sense.相关的主题文章: