Director suspected of killing his lover has acquitted the aggrieved party is still claiming 810

The director suspected of killing lover has been acquitted of the injured party still claims 810 thousand new network – in the maritime safety administration of Yunnan Province, the former director Chen suspected of killing lover case, not because the court’s acquittal ended, yesterday 9, civil claims the deceased party sued Chen in Wuhua District Court West Court hearing. Knowing that the criminal case was acquitted, why should the victims of civil rights litigation, claims 81 yuan? Recalling his alleged murder of Valentine’s lack of evidence of acquittal in 2012, Ms. Hu suddenly disappeared, the family immediately alarm. Subsequently, Ms. Hu was found dead in a pit in Xundian County in the red house. After the investigation of the public security organs, former director of the Yunnan provincial Maritime Bureau Chen became a suspect killed ms.. Two years after the incident, Kunming city procuratorate alleges that March 8, 2012 night, Chen will be wearing pajamas at home blunt Ms. Hu kill. On the second day, he drove his body to the red manor, Xundian, where he was buried. The same day, he took Ms. Hu’s cell phone to send their own information, saying that many years of friends to go to dinner do not go home. The Ministry of communications provided evidence that Ms Hu’s message was sent from the maritime bureau. In addition, Chen’s unit monitoring video display, Chen was in the office, and Ms. Hu was dead, it is impossible to send text messages. In addition, the red manor dug in the body, wrapped by layers of tape, the police found a fingerprint on the wrapped tape with Chen’s blood stains. Multiple sets of evidence to prove that Chen was suspected of intentional homicide. After appearing in court, Chen denied killing Ms. Hu, which also led to the case as "public prosecution confession". Kunming intermediate people’s court held that, in this case there is no direct evidence that Chen intentional homicide, the existing evidence only to prove that the defendant had contact with the victim, and leave a fingerprint on the adhesive tape, and can not form a chain of evidence of the accused of intentional homicide. Last May 19th, the Kunming intermediate people’s Court of first instance verdict Chen innocence. Subsequently, the Yunnan provincial procuratorate. In November 2, 2015, the Yunnan provincial high court ruling, the provincial procuratorate to withdraw the protest. The plaintiff claims more than 81 yuan has a certain legal basis for the outside world to understand is that the case of criminal judgments have been settled, why the injured party is now a civil claim? In this regard, the victim’s family attorney in Beijing Dacheng Law Firm (Kunming) Chen Dai explained that in fact the criminal case in the Kunming intermediate people’s court hearing, they proposed the criminal incidental civil action for compensation request. Taking into account the criminal incidental civil action, the compensation for mental damages will not be supported by the court, they decided to withdraw the criminal supplementary civil action claims. In May 20th this year, the victim Ms. Hu’s mother and other family members filed a civil complaint, will be acquitted of Chen to court, claims the losses of more than 79 yuan, and the claim for mental solatium 20 thousand yuan. Chen Dai admitted that although Chen suspects by the court acquitted, but for Ms. Hu family, do have grievances, criminal cases have been unable to walk, only through the civil case, Jane相关的主题文章: