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Do not lose shape POLO wheelbase ultra fit the car top with only 50 thousand – car Sohu recently, the deer is very sad! Are you an early riser? Have you ever tried to catch a bus in the 100 meter race? Crowded subway extrusion injuries? Because once the late villain was the boss crit too? Well, I have tried. After every morning for half a year to test, consider buying a car. As a little small car, do not have to spend to buy a car to make their content too much, that is my ultimate goal. Just graduated from deer only want to spend their own money, the small car of low price, high fuel and convenient operation is the best choice. 01 however, it is really frustrating. In a circle in the small car in the ocean, or the joint venture of several small cars can see: Volkswagen POLO, Honda fit, TOYOTA dazzle…… Good is good, but the price is basically 70 thousand, to tell the truth, the 70 thousand is still a bit expensive for me. Sometimes people’s idea is very strange, but also cheaper and better, but the old saying goes, "no good cheap goods, good goods are not cheap". Well, the deer may indeed be too hypocritical, demand is too high, the world where there is one thing. I was just about to give up on the occasion, God finally opened a window, let me see it – Baojun 310. 02 – high – value color space, POLO – the economy with super fit, wheelbase, 100 km fuel consumption is less than 5.3L, the average monthly fuel costs 150 yuan – is expected to sell about 50 thousand deer like such severe Yan control patients, the car must be stylish, beautiful. Po Chun 310 is very successful to catch my eye. The car head is large enough, the design is also very young atmosphere, the body does not have too many redundant lines, very concise and beautiful. Po Chun internal body color 310 is amazing, boldly black + orange collocation, it’s movement, like the deer. In addition, 8 inch LCD screen set back image, Bluetooth and other functions in one, full of technology. The most attractive deer or Baojun 310 large space, body size larger than the POLO ring, 2mm wheelbase beyond a small car, including fit (wheelbase 2530mm). The deer according to the available data show that the maximum vertical space Baojun 310 to give the rear passengers for 892mm, the maximum transverse space for 1233mm, so with four guys sit no problem. In the use of space, Po Chun 310 rear seats can be folded 46 independent design, the highest available 1000L large space, and flat design, also can put some large items. In addition, Po Chun 310 car a total of 18 storage space, every design is starting from the utility, follow the user’s habits, such as placing parking card slot, the rear storage box with USB charging interface, it is very practical. And the Po Chun 310 configuration is also very rich, electric sunroof!相关的主题文章: