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Home-Appliances I am now sixty and feel that I am just fine. I did have many spurts of exercise madness over the years but now with my house being a split level, six storey house and the fact I have to run up and down stairs a lot, that is enough exercise for me. So why do I have to put myself through unnecessary trauma and go to the gym. Really, it is something I need to do to be happy? I can answer with one word NO. Most of our days are taken up by work. No matter if it is manual work or sitting at a desk I am sure most people feel the same. We are very happy to go home and not have to deal with things that dont we dont want to like going to the gym. We work to live not live to work. I find that a lot of people do work late or think about their day or what tomorrow may bring. I am happy to go home and not have to think about too much except my family which is now quite large. I used to have one thing that made my life easier and more comfortable which was my Hunter ceiling fan that I operate by remote control. Everything operates by remote control now. So I come home and it is a pleasure to operate my television by remote control. I also have a remote control for my Sky television. I can even turn my music on my CD player on by remote now. The best thing for me is after a hard day at work I can turn my Hunter Fan to the right speed for me by the remote control. It is a joy to go and sit quietly after a long hard day and know that once I sit down or lay down, if I go directly to my room, I dont have to get up to do anything. I can set or change anything I need by picking up the right handset and press a button. Now that is not only what I call lazy but extremely self-indulgent. My grandmother would call it bone idle but then being lazy is what I want at my ripe old age. I want to save all my strength for getting up and going to work. Sad but oh so true I am afraid. I recently got myself another appliance that makes life even easier although I do have to get up and move. I got a Waste King waste disposal unit for my kitchen food waste. It has helped so much because I can use it for all the food waste so now I have to make a lot less trips to the kerb with my black sacks. The good thing is my kitchen doesnt smell and I am being environmentally friendly with little effort. I am waiting for the day that I can have a remote control for the washer and dryer. That would be great and I am sure a lot of women would agree. Even a stay at home mum gets worn out and wants a bit of a peaceful quiet time at the end of a day of childrens needs, school runs and all that goes with it. When I was a stay at home mum many centuries ago it was nonstop till about 8pm but even then uniforms and packed lunches had to be prepared for tomorrow. After all that was done it was take the rubbish out. There was the whole up and down if the television channel needed to be changed or a record needed to be changed. We did have it a lot harder when my children were young because things like the microwave did not exist. Meals were a mammoth task as they needed doing from scratch not like now at all. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: