Donkey water for the word of mouth to change the file reproduction ” Sherlock ”

"The donkey" water as word change the file   reproduction of " Sherlock " the box office Myth – the media – original title: "donkey" water can reproduce "Sherlock" creative box office myth and photo viewer Ren Suxi (in) singing "I want you" tells the story of Ren Suxi Zhou Shen, Liu Lu (director of photography left) comedy film "donkey water" held last night screenings at the Communication University of China, director Zhou Shen, Liu Luxie, Liu Shuailiang, Ren Suxi actor Pei Kuishan, Han Yanbo, Wang? Appeared, and the presence of College Students’ interaction, and announced the October 28th release of the national film changed files. Play the heroine of the film "a man" Ren Suxi harvest night highest voice, she also sang the movie theme song "I want you". "Water" is the donkey happy twist second big screen work, tells the story of a series of absurd story called "water head" donkey caused by previously held point mapping activities in the harvest of good reputation. Happy twist drama produced, so many people think of last year, the "dark horse" film "Sherlock worry". "Donkey water" can continue "Sherlock worry" box office myth? A reputation based drama version of "zero bad ass" water "" drama by Zhou Shen and Liu Lu co creation, is a "sour, absurd humor in reality" works, once known as the "zero poor oratorio". Remember the creation origin, claiming that a week of fun in 2009, a very dry mountain school, specially raise a donkey pulling water, was the loss of a teacher, gave the donkey to declare the number of teachers. With the inspiration of the story, Zhou Shen and Liu Lu combined with the people and things around creation. Zhou Shen said, the first story of the creation is to film, but has not yet started being beat to shoot micro film "donkey water". "My idea was to set up their own works, so good to go to court, but the preparation of the film is relatively slow, the first drama, I did not expect the drama on fire." B solid plays, humor and satire by the coexistence of drama adaptation of the movie is a comedy, tells the story of a school is located in the arid areas, in order to support the donkey and pull the water about the number of teachers to obtain funds. In order to round "donkey water is a teacher of lies," fabricated "is Deshui teacher Lu:" scam "; in order to hide from overseas is not English Deshui Lu said the coppersmith", "Lu made Deshui rollover death event…… The movie from the beginning of a chain, the absurdity of the scam is closely connected with the plot, the lines, the action full of jokes. Although the story comes from the modern, but the movie at the beginning but the background is 1942, Zhou Shen said, this is not taking into account the censorship, but hope the movie will be a fable of feeling, "we will not in the creation of self castration, for when we only got a modification is needed with Chinese Mongolian subtitles." The film tells the story of the extremely absurd, Zhou Shen hopes to convey through the drama of the plot to hold the bottom line, the main theme, can not be相关的主题文章: