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Arts-and-Entertainment Three names are vying for the top spot as makers of designer jackets – Jarlo, Kelly Ewing and Lisa Jayne Dann. Most women favour wearing a jacket in winter. It not only keeps them warm but also enhances then style quotient. There are many choices of materials like leather, wool, viscose and others when it .es to jackets. In fact, depending on the material and the quality of the jackets, the prices vary as well, from about 85.00 to 285.00. There are various styles available to fit the trend and for be.ing more stylish. Women prefer to keep a few jackets in their closet matching various outfits and for varying occasions. Jackets can be simply paired with jeans, or they can be matched with dresses, tops, skirts and leggings. They not only add a dash of style to the wearer but also make one feel warm in winters. There are many styles of jackets available that go equally well with casuals and formal outfits. Classic designer jackets are something that looks good always. It is difficult to go wrong with this collection because the cut is standard and accordingly kept quite conservative. Use of vibrant colours is seen in some of the jackets. Those who wish to add a little bit of exotica can pick faux fur jackets. Designer capes, partly made of faux fur are available and in these there are the tippi cape and the circle cape .ing across as popular choices. One can even pick medium or extended length designer coats. Longer coats tend to be designed so that the hem falls just below the hips and even extend to a little above the knee. There are woollen coats as well. These are designed in accordance with the current trends. Drapes around collars are quite a hit as are the signature button at the front or on the rear sides. Sometimes studs and fur are used. Asymmetrical hemlines are preferred today rather than straight fits. It looks eye-catching and it drapes around the wearer in a simple yet stunning way. Designer coats are also fashionable and have been around for quite some years. With current concerns for environment several coats have been designed in keeping with this trend. Fake fur coats have be.e a popular choice for this reason. One of the popular choices is the canvas PU jackets. These are available in varied cuts and classic designs with typical colours used. The colours are grey, black, brown cream and others. It is easier to order from the .fort of your home because there are many reliable online stores carrying know brands. These sites have a collection for jackets coats, waist coats, long jackets, cardigans, blazers and others. Some of the collections have discounts as well, like belted Mac, sequin blazer, military coat, pleat sleeved Mac, etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: