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Electric vehicles are about to detonate the market mainstream manufacturers will face what challenges? Tencent technology, according to foreign media reports, in the just opened at the 2016 Paris auto show, the world’s major electric vehicle manufacturers on their respective electric vehicle products, and announced the future of electric vehicle production plan. Volkswagen automobile exhaust detection fraud scandal shortly before exposure, and a decline in the electric vehicle battery costs, various factors are making car company executives and investors believe that electric cars will become the mainstream of the market. More and more auto makers have announced that they are entering the market for electric vehicles, and the challenges faced by the pioneers of electric cars, such as Tesla and Renault, will have to work hard to defend their market position. In this challenge, the public took the lead, the company is eager to come out from the shadow of scandal. Volkswagen has unveiled a new electric car at the Paris motor show. Volkswagen announced that by 2025, the company will achieve annual sales of 200 to 3 million electric vehicles target. "Everyone is watching the crowd, and they have very high expectations of the public." Ian, an analyst at IHS AutomotiveI, an American consulting firm, said: · (Ian), (Fletcher). Renault Nissan and Tesla brand will still be the mainstay of the electric car market, but they are much larger than before competition." 2010, Nissan launched a pure electric vehicle Leaf, opened a prelude to the traditional production of pure electric vehicle manufacturers. Two years later, Nissan’s partner Renault also launched a small pure electric vehicle Zoe. Nissan launched Leaf at the same time, Tesla with high-end Model S roadster stormed the market. Since the launch of Model S, Tesla has sold 130 thousand vehicles. The success of Model S proved that consumers have been able to accept the price of $72 thousand, mileage of 425 kilometers of electric vehicles. However, due to a leap in battery technology, car manufacturers are able to produce a much lower cost equivalent to Tesla Model S electric car. Kristina, an analyst at Barclays Bank, predicts that by 2025, electric cars will account for 15% of the world’s new car sales, compared with just over $0.4% last year, according to Church. General Motors announced earlier this month, the company later this year in the United States will launch price of Bolt electric car for $37 thousand and 500, and the launch of the new car in Europe in the spring of next year, when Opel’s first pure electric car Ampera-e will also be listed in europe. Bolt’s mileage is 383 km, will configure LG Chem’s 60 kwh battery. With Ampera-e, Opel is making the electric vehicle market diversification." Opel CEO Carle · · Newman (Karl-Thomas Neumann) said. Tesla is the first brand of electric vehicles, but it can not guarantee that it takes this position for a long time." Ian · Fletcher said. At the Paris auto show, Renault launched configuration 40.相关的主题文章: