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Extremely cruel! High grade pupils were forced to eat "pencil", gastric lavage students a netizen 3 hours to buy a pen, and then when he went to sleep, someone to fill a note (via@ canteen life hanging down across the screen, all girls) brother felt the strong smell of fish. "Chu Xing, Chen Sheng Wang" at first glance this sentence is for everyone to the history of science, a careful look at all of the B to "fish" to install. Speaking of the fish, only to take this down brother American man Grant and friends of fishing, catch a very special flounder, it has a big dent in the body, they are guessing "Predators" bite the. Fish the wound has healed, also live strong, "we look directly ignorant, decided to put it back into the sea, the fish is not easy……" This fish brother, English named Apple fish, scientific name: bump eel, Jobs…… From this fish, I learned that life is not a great deal of obedience, adversity can be reborn. Recently, the typhoon hit Taipei, a Wall Street Journal reporter, in the street, accidentally snapped this picture, let brother Hin "born as a human, I only eat" feeling down Boyle: umbrella can not! Steamed stuffed bun must eat! This is due to the decrease in basic literacy chowhound ah brother get to guide the new skills. However, if there is the way, but was kind help passers-by abuse, which is a big grievance. 26, Xi’an sophomore girl Xiao Zhao, found a roadside foreign who want to go to the airport but do not know the way. When Zhao eager to use English to inform the nearby airport bus, a van driver who will foreign brother’s luggage into the car, "said the taxi, go directly". Because the foreign brother already know they take on the road, Li Xie left, later, Zhao was the driver called nosy, "traitor". See also the patriotic rogue, he eat a KFC is a traitor, you use a iPhone is a traitor, the little girl to help foreigners lost the way is a traitor, by selling this, our country has been sold several rounds, brother has not clear in the end who belong to this country? To money in the end who? Xiao Zhao said, whether it is not a foreigner, they will go to help. Because the train station nearby often have similar things happen, many black car drivers deliberately looking for foreigners approached, holding someone else’s luggage put people into the car, many are not familiar with the topography of the outsiders often cheated, only a few minutes to around a circle. They are really patriotic, not only pit foreigners, even from the family together pit…… Recently, Ningbo little guy was pit. He saw the door of a barber shop Haircut only 10 yuan "advertising into the store, and made 37 dollars a" hair in the barber’s recommendation. But when the checkout was told: 37 is a clip, the price, he made a hair with a clip of 48, accounting for $1776. Eventually, a small Gu spent 3200 yuan to do a store VIP card in order to change the cancellation fee discount. Fortunately, this guy is not deep enough, thanks to a single number of hair, give you money. Wit is left to the market to the market after the Department of supervision, the local market supervision and administration bureau?相关的主题文章: