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Facebook shares fell 7% or OculusVR for the company’s new hope [Abstract]Facebook owns a number of channels to expand new revenue streams, such as the WhatsApp already has more than 1 billion users of information application, and similar Oculus VR helmet, currently has produced a profit. Although the parent company Oculus Facebook announced on Wednesday, third quarter profit increased nearly two times, again better than analysts expected, but after several hours of trading, Facebook shares fell 7%. Facebook’s monthly number of users reached nearly 1 billion 800 million in the last quarter, the number of mobile advertising and growth is relatively stable. So, why stock prices will decline? Foreign media said the main reason is that investors are skeptical about whether the company can maintain this trend. Mobile advertising to help Facebook get rich Facebook quarterly revenue reached $7 billion 10 million, showing the company’s growing share of online advertising field. The same as the parent company of Google Internet Co Alphabet last week also announced in the field of strong revenue and profit growth, compared with the traditional media companies such as New York Times, but struggled in the decline in revenue. However, in a call with analysts, David Wehner, Facebook’s chief financial officer, said that advertising growth may significantly slowed down, this is due to "advertisement loading" and Facebook can show the limit on the number of ads in the premise of not disturbing the user. He also said that in 2017 the company will take radical strategies on investment, so there will be a big increase in spending. Hengda financial analyst Josh Olson said, "Facebook is already in the flow of information on the advertising limit frequency, so they will seek to benefit from the other areas of growth, similar pricing, user interaction and user growth." However, he concluded that similar investments will benefit Facebook in the long term: Facebook had experienced a similar stage before, they had to invest in the mobile terminal, and now the investment has also been rewarded. So we see this as an opportunity." Facebook’s shares fell 7% to $118.21 after hours of trading. The hottest mobile advertising growth Wehner said that even if the advertising load has reached the highest point, Facebook still have a chance to grow, is by improving the way users spend time on the site, the future growth of user base and is still in demand of advertisers. Although the fourth quarter warning will make some investors leave, but from the majority of indicators, in the hot end of the mobile advertising growth, Facebook exceeded analysts’ expectations. As of September 30th, mobile advertising in the third quarter accounted for Facebook of total advertising revenue of $84%, reaching $6 billion 820 million. This proportion was 78% last year. The company said last quarter.相关的主题文章: