Families with children 12 years after the reunion of Yang Zi Zhang Yishan in the quarrelsome lovers clonecd

Families with children 12 years after the reunion of Yang Zi Zhang Yishan in the lead: quarrelsome lovers intimate self "families with children" is the representative of the 90’s childhood memories, the memories of youth of many people carrying a family of five will be reunited again after a lapse of 12 years, staged # families with children early maturity #! Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi also in micro-blog this quarrelsome lovers out intimate pictures, so fans excited. Families with children will be reunited after 12 years: families with children 12 years ago. "Families with children" is a family sitcom broadcast in 2004, about two of divorced families combined in a variety of interesting stories of parents and three children. Three good student snow, walking expression package Liu Xing and innocent, bickering parents keen to rain…… So far still make the audience remember, it is said that the audience should be based on the majority of children and parents, but higher ratings show that the audience is more extensive than expected. For the past 13 years, was also put a summer vacation lying on the sofa, "ha ha ha" to meet you should now enter the workplace life, lamented time flies also let a child see this batch of experience and growth we. A few days ago, Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi in micro-blog "douzui" revealed to us a good news, after a lapse of 12 years "families with children" and reunion! Zhang Yishan Yang Zi micro-blog micro-blog screenshot screenshot of the family love too… It is said that the upcoming "families with children" is a "home with kids" upgrade version, while retaining the reorganization of the family this setting on the basis of the play will enable the new relationship between the characters and the story, but we should be most concerned about the "must cast"! Yang Zi Zhang Yishan Zhang Yishan Yang Zi graduation quarrelsome lovers feeling also remember the play "live" Liu love and playfully "Snow" quarrel bicker, the quarrelsome lovers always create the rich and colorful fancy little trouble. But in fact, the life of Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi but grew up with good friends, of course there are also fans shouted together "! Together!". The first two days of the two people are on the micro-blog Po out of intimate photos, Zhang Yishan @ Yang Zi enclosure in your side!". Wow, well not too sweet…… Zhang Yishan light play than the crime is not fun but also played the idol drama: "Zhang Yishan base Xi Xi Liu Xing" into a "crime than Pi Pi". From the home with children, Zhang Yishan did not let everyone down, a drama captured the hearts of many fans, Zhang Yishan said, do not want to let his people disappointed, just want to be a qualified actor." Xia Yu said that Zhang Yishan has not changed from small to large, and was found to have been hit by the face of a young man, Zhang Yishan: vs hit his face all the way into adulthood…… Don’t say, really like: Zhang Yishan vs Xia Yu and others to Jiang Wen also involved, because Xia Yu can shoot "sunny days" because Jiang Wen felt he had his young appearance: Jiang Wen Xia Yu, Jiang Wen Xia Yu, Zhang Yishan, the three fan appearance like was also on the hot search list also, blogger called "Chinese is not every ten years will be such a look.相关的主题文章: