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"Farewell to My Concubine": do you have Chinese conscience? "Farewell to My Concubine 1 students: This is not" stills photographs of the two actors? Student 2: look to become slaves, you know? Student 3: a whore, you sing what play? Student 4: no home no country, do you have the conscience of the Chinese people? Kaige Chen "1993" Farewell to My Concubine control lines, 321st lines from this period, "" Farewell to My Concubine. In 1937 77 incident on the eve of adult, Duan Xiaolou (Fengyi Zhang) and Cheng Dieyi (Leslie Cheung ornaments) photographed in the studio, but go out by a group of students marched through let go. They have been popular in Peking Opera circles fame, but the students are not interested in modern education, Peking opera. On the contrary, the imminent national crisis, the two "actors" (or singer, actor, star……) Still singing the money, must be a lot of criticism. Chinese engage in critical, must occupy the moral high ground to escalate, soon, Duan Xiaolou Cheng Dieyi sing Beijing opera, is "no conscience", made a very horrible. Fortunately, patriotic students, after all, is still too young, too simple, when there are naive, and soon was that ye (Ying Da ornaments) in a few words with the ditch to go. Don’t play Chinese Chinese, is an ancestor, two people also took the opportunity to slip away. "These" Farewell to My Concubine should still patriotic student demonstrations? Certainly should. How can the Japanese students do not demonstrate the enemy approached the walls,? The patriotic students accused of singing without conscience, make sense? There is no reason. The protesters should be in the hands of the authorities, not citizens. These 4 lines, the scene is very important in the "it" Farewell to My Concubine, echoing the climax of the film. In 1966 the outbreak of the cultural revolution, a group of red guards folk discourse, and in 1937 the students the same blood. The history of deformation in repeated and, the red guards still blood, their patriotic more enthusiasm, this time Duan Xiaolou, Cheng Dieyi run off. In the history of China’s patriotic students (especially college students) of the enthusiasm worthy of admiration, can be called great, but if there is passion, there is no reason, will always leave a regret. "Farewell to My Concubine".相关的主题文章: