Film industry to promote the draft law of second instance the abolition of the film production licen popkart

The film industry promotion law draft second instance: cancel film production qualification license Beijing China – network August 29th news (reporter Wei Jing) the twelve session of the twenty-second meeting of the NPC Standing Committee held in Beijing from August 29th to September 3rd. The second session of the conference on the promotion of the film industry law. At the beginning of the November 2015, seventeenth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee for the initial consideration of the draft law to promote the movie. In the central to the relevant departments and units, and the public comments, and conducted research, the popular film industry promotion bill is the trial part has been revised. The draft of the film license that qualification permission and film scripts (abstracts) for filing review stipulated. The Law Committee of the National People’s Congress of the view that cancel qualification license of film production, simplify and optimize the administrative licensing procedures, strengthen the film project phase review, is consistent with the Party Central Committee decentralization requirements, and can effectively maintain the cultural security; at the same time increase the provisions issued by the competent Department of film "registration certificate or approval documents".相关的主题文章: