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From the Super Girls " to sing; " " ZUO "   dare dare to use ten years of writing;; " super red " – Entertainment Channel – after layers of screening and screening for 8 months, mango TV draft "2016 Super Girls" will carry the tripod in the evening of September 3rd 19:30 open " night of Champions ". Look back ten years ago, when Hunan announced when it launched the first file draft programme "Super Girls", people did not even think of this little talent show will set off a hitherto unknown version, and even change the entire ecosystem variety. "Super Girls" has caused a " Chinese television; catfish effect " and dozens of television channel launched the same type of show, forcing the Chinese pop music has now entered the era draft. " and ‘super girl’ has been not only a variety show, it is more like an entertainment product. " Director Zhou Shan said. However, after ten years of dust, the original watch Supergirl generation had grown up, this also indicates that its core audience has been the ferocious variety show traction. In the face of today’s market competition program " full of radish " dilemma, as the first person " " the "Super Girls" in ten years of accumulation, as the new " " again, it is still the original sponsor MengNiu yoghourt won the title. Then, with ten years of feelings, super girl " " what kind of attitude will write in a variety of treasure thick and heavy in colours? Ten years of dreaming: " " " to return that super girl; King force; red " is full of feelings of the collective memories of " to sing, sing loud, even if no one I applaud…, " ten years ago, the song had Huobian dream it represents the high streets and back lanes. Think, ideal. That summer, in addition to cicadas, ice cream, Sun Wukong and the White Snake, and a dream girl, with a whole summer, as we sing. They are on the stage and the release of their own talent, we cheer for them in front of the TV; they become grassroots idols, we accidentally plunged into " then, fans " this feeling lasted ten years. Now every time "to sing" the song sounded, we can think that green time, think of those in the summer because they qualify for the joy of our excitement, because of their pending and for their failure and burning with impatience, all of us. Can be said that "Super Girls" is synonymous with the dream, it brings the summer, let the summer become more true to life, but also to the numerous audience in every weekend on schedule in front of television, waiting for the dream girl debut. If you go back ten years ago, we can look at the " " in the end; super girl made);相关的主题文章: