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God Tucao: water Wang Nan remember your Japanese Bridesmaid? Sohu news yesterday was the 918 incident 85 anniversary, the famous Olympic table tennis champion Wang Nan’s husband Guo Bin drove micro-blog Qiao said: I have been to Japan but not including any electrical products from within! Even in Japan, the hotel is to open the small water, still feel!" Subsequently, Wang Nanfa micro-blog support her husband’s remarks, but also said that "point of praise" (if it is not a family member).   water can gas? This is a waste of the earth’s water resources, the waste of water resources also can be said to be so fearless of death for a just cause. "I feel like the apple mobile phone volume to maximum, Zhenjue gas", the gas valve can also open the next time, and then a cigarette and enjoy the touching moments of patriotism (feel shy, let the world people laugh)……   mind is a good stuff, I hope you have (the mind is about water, shake can hear the sound of the waves).   however, when Wang Nan and his wife wedding bridesmaid please or Fukuhara Ai, back home on the water, when the pet is really the Northeast group?       Ai Fukuhara in China home life, never turn on the lights, do not open the faucet without electricity, a drop of water, every day in the home are dark, dry rub mud bath. She said that because the Japanese had to China towering crimes committed by a guilty mind, Chinese vowed to save electricity each and every drop in return, personally. Later Wang Nan know, gave a slap in the face of Ai Fukuhara: you stupid ah! Our northeast is poor, want to expand domestic demand to know?     Ai Fukuhara the day of the wedding, Wang Nan may be this:   and then no Japanese goods Guo Bin was found wearing a Japanese brand watches (you are not satisfied, iPhone mobile phone parts and Japanese goods)   this is a bit awkward……   finally, Wang Nan responded that the original text is a little more than a decade ago, naive, just want to say frankly, the original intention is to express this is wrong, you have to refuel.   the expression ability is So that is what it is., worrying: at first glance thought that is "water" this trick is useless, we should take the subway ticket on gas: for example, Japan’s economic ruin and spitting toilet ecological damage, went to Japan to Japan next to the air breathing, the Japanese are sucking……   ten years since we know to do is stupid, there is no need to repeat a dozen years later, and now more of a foolish thing. In any case, at least Guo Bin did this when he was young, and he was older. As a public figure, published such comments requires more attention, if indeed biquotient is not high, expression ability is not good enough, also cannot blame you too hard now, tears are the original "big mouth" into the water head.   Sun Yang and his teammates in 2014 to participate in the Asian Games men’s 4X100 meters]相关的主题文章: