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Grilled fish shop with fish and shoddy health hazards of various additives grilled fish is a delicacy, but many people like, small to uncover a shady fish today, are reported in this paper is the field of fish… But it is still worth buddies alert! The fish was replaced with dead fish? Recently, Suzhou radio station reported on a Suzhou fish shady reportedly, Ms Wang broke the news that she eat fish at a fish shop when something yourself a three kg of fish in the fish pond, but when the end of the table, not only the fish become smaller and taste unlike fish so fresh after a reporter interviewed, found that this fish shop fish are stored in a sink in the sink Houchu fish are significantly higher than the outside for customers to choose from fish to small when reporters want to weigh the fish excuse chef and waiter let reporters left the kitchen but this is not all! When to place small heart heard these fish is the collapse of the wholesale market of dead fish here according to most of the flow of Suzhou broadcasting station reported in the Suzhou south central bridge wholesale market, a seafood stalls boss said in the fish shop mostly from here goods most commonly used fresh fish store grass carp sold 6 dollars a Jin Die grass carp wholesale price is only 3 yuan a catty about the price of her half dead snakehead fish is only selling fish, because the cheap soon sold out even in short supply and purchase, mostly fish shop! The shop owner also revealed some of the fish store is the fish placed in the dining room for customers to choose from but the actual upper table is dead this routine is not between people who have little trust… The fish are good tasting, and because of this thing with dead fish posing as a fish shop is not what the industry said that there is a special fish sauce can let the dead fish eat up with live fish taste is almost a named "fish balm". This is designed to do fish additives can make the fish taste more delicious especially the smell also can cover up the jar reads "the product has the characteristic of high temperature resistance, can make the penetration of raw meat flavor aroma, activate the grass food removing fishy smell, lasting fragrance flavor, fragrance, color has a role." Finally know the truth of my tears… In fact, a shady fish we certainly is not the first time to see Baidu on a search is a lot but still could not help but want to eat in addition to the "small fish paste" look at those things you normally eat are all done with what "secret weapon" and the common "secret weapon" nail Balm delicious strong 60 juice so is the delicious mutton soup mutton flavor depends on it just a drop of a drop of incense to everybody here, the water will become soup spicy incense fragrance Hot pot no friend to the knack of xanthan gum in the store to eat thick delicious taste out of the casserole porridge is plus this street is diaobaikuai baked gluten tenacity always plays a role in diaobaikuai sentence: either they do at home, or choose trust business! >相关的主题文章: