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Guo Chuan has been confirmed to cause drowning accidents may have two kinds of Sohu news according to Guo Chuanan team news: Guo Chuanan team navigation technology comprehensive expert pictures, video and telephone conversation information obtained from the United States maritime search and rescue team in Beijing on October 26th confirmed Guo Sichuan between 15 to 15:30 because of emergency water. The team believes that there are two possible causes of the accident, and now with the ship floating in the sea water in the big triangle. Guo Chuan drives a trimaran sailing in the Gulf of San Francisco. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yong Guo Chuan was the first case is when the wind speed is 13 to 20 day by shrinking a step down at the front of the mainsail and lateen sail. At that time, this was a reasonable combination of sails. Later in the evening, he decided to pack up the big sail so that he could sail safely at night. He tried to lower a sail on the windward side, this is quite a difficult operation of single navigation seaman, especially in strong winds and high speed running condition. He needed to stand at the narrow end of the bow, while pulling the rope, while collecting large triangular sail. With the loss of control of the sail, the grand triangle suddenly fell. He was thrown out of the ship when he tried to stop the big triangle from falling into the water. The other is because of equipment failure. Guo Chuan was in the wind conditions, with the shrinking level and also in the front of the J1 (the sail sails), this is the safest combination of sail at night. Spinnaker was retracted but also hanging on the mast (can spinnaker when not removed into the cabin.). But the lateen rigging halyard or J1 suddenly broken, spinnaker fell in the water. At this time, Guo Chuan first J1 sails, so that the ship’s speed slow down, and then deal with the water into the big triangular sail. When he began to drag the big triangle into the boat, the great triangle in the water was so heavy that he had to untie the safety rope tied to his body in order to move on board. At this time a fierce wave to the big triangle sail and Guo Chuan threw the ship. Guo Chuan’s "Qingdao" on the 30 metre trimaran, in addition to the outside, including lateen sail and J1, with four auxiliary sails. The specific cause of the accident to the scene to rescue personnel to survey and judgment must be further known by boarding familiar with the trimaran’s professional staff. According to the present information, no matter what kind of reason, Guo Sichuan drowning is probably to prevent the spinnaker drowning or save already drowning spinnaker, because shaking waves or sudden the ship was thrown out of the ship. Guo Chuan fleet seaman John? Claus said, for a single voyage seaman, control of such a super trimaran, whether receiving spinnaker, or drowning spinnaker boat, is a very difficult thing. In all two possible processes, a safety rope must be removed at any given time to complete all the technical actions. Search and rescue personnel found a life jacket in the ship, but because of the preparation of a number of life jackets, so can not be denied when the water fell into the water jacket. Analysis of the shore team believes that when the water into the river, the most likely also wearing a life jacket. Guo Chuan xian.相关的主题文章: