Guotai Junan safety rope chicken ribs obvious characteristics of high-quality assets to seize the ma seaway

Guotai Junan: chicken ribs market characteristics of high-quality assets to seize the obvious safety rope sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament from WeChat public forever concept author Guotai Junan strategy team Zhang Huaen guide to Li Meicen index trend, hot fast moving round the market, the obvious characteristics of chicken ribs. Interest rate down to allow the game is located in the policy, market risk appetite is still suppressed, it is not a pity to abandon. Industry configuration continue to seize the "value + boom +PPP". The index does not fluctuate, but also to tangle. Last week, the Shanghai composite index began in 3068, at 3067, only 1 full weeks point fluctuations, will play to the extreme market tangled mentality. Last week we leave "weekly CBBC, abandon the fantasy" trend has suggested that this year the narrow range of the market’s biggest feature is — "non cattle bear" market shocks, but not broken down suddenly, and not deep, almost become the main tone throughout the market before, also let investors feel uncomfortable. Back to the present tangle, does not seem difficult to understand: a short-term high frequency economic data has been improved, but everyone on the long-term economy is still a lack of confidence in the data, but the heart does not move; the two is the stage of monetary easing is expected to come to an end, the short-term interest rate volatility further break the valuation of repair kinetic energy early long debt bring interest rates down; three is the G20 summit held on the weekend, stability maintenance expectations seem to be still, but also after the unknown, so the best way is not the same as. Lower interest rates in the policy game. From the starting point of the current round of market value revaluation long bond yields downward, but over the past two weeks, long debt interest rates downward trend is beginning to appear stage: one is to reverse the 14 days of the central bank as the representative of the reverse repurchase restart, bond market deleveraging pressure; two is the short-term economic stabilization and the periphery of the Fed rate hike is expected to heat up. The short-term monetary easing is expected to have been impossible. At the same time, we observed that the policy and the suppression of asset bubbles, the game is now entering the stage of substantive intervention from the previous stage, and become the dominant driving force of market logic. In particular, since entering in July, strict supervision, deleveraging in the three line will be in full swing, including the previous CBRC and CIRC new regulations for bank financing, as well as universal insurance products and other restrictions introduced. At the same time, this week, the suppression policy on the real estate bubble began to accelerate, the purchase of a move quickly spread to Wuhan, Xiamen and other places. With the accelerated pace of asset bubble suppression, expand the scope of policy tightening to inhibit the market risk appetite will still exist. Chicken ribs market, away without regret. The recent roadshow exchanges, common feedback of the current market has become more and more difficult, and the power, the best result is only a little bit of harvest income. Bankuailundong, the emergence of new themes are often in a short period of time will be wheeled ultimating (such as our previous recommendation PPP theme, soon realized spread from architecture to landscape, environmental protection and other fields), market is in the market of hundred-percent chicken ribs. In the short-term interest rate policy is located in the game, the risk appetite continued to be suppressed in the context of low income expectations, the trend should be abandoned fantasy相关的主题文章: