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Hangzhou push new car network about limit "vehicle" unlimited "hukou" – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Li Ming) October 9th Interim Measures of Hangzhou city about car management released draft requirements, the local network about cars is the Zhejiang A license, and the network about the car driver is not limited by household registration in Hangzhou that made "residence in Zhejiang province" for more than 6 months also in Hangzhou. 9 evening, the reporter to the Hangzhou City Department of transportation staff learned that afternoon, Hangzhou city traffic bureau held a network about the car management policy forum, launched the Interim Measures of Hangzhou version of "network booking taxi management service management implementation rules (Trial)" draft, 10 will be officially announced. For the network about vehicle access standards, the implementation of the rules, the need to have a Hangzhou license (Zhejiang A license), the use of the nature of the registration for the appointment of rental passenger, 7 and below passenger cars. In addition, the network about car fuel vehicles to wheelbase 2700 mm or more than the vehicle purchase tax price in 120 thousand yuan, the new energy vehicle wheelbase 2600 mm or more comprehensive status mileage of 250 kilometers above. The service life of the vehicle is not more than 5 years, and the mileage is not more than 600 thousand km. According to the Beijing News reported earlier, the implementation details about the car management in Beijing and Shanghai were released 8 days of net draft, require the network about vehicle is a local license, and the driver is also the local household registration. The detailed rules for the implementation of the 9 Hangzhou release requirements, in addition to Hangzhou hukou, "made in Hangzhou city residence in Zhejiang province" for more than 6 months, at the same time have the corresponding driving conditions, can also apply for online car driver qualification. In contrast, Hangzhou in the network about the driver of the car is more relaxed requirements, foreign drivers also have the opportunity to open the network about the car in hangzhou. Implementation details also require that the network about the vehicle to apply for the use of motor vehicles nature of the reservation taxi passenger, which is to change the nature of the vehicle to the nature of the operating car. Hangzhou City Transportation Bureau staff told reporters that the implementation details will be publicized in the official website of the local traffic department, for the whole community to seek advice, plans to be piloted in November 1, 2016, the trial period of one year.相关的主题文章: