Hello handsome shaoxia! To three stone brother this portrait kneeling-noiseware

Hello handsome shaoxia! For this set of three stone portrait of the younger brother kneeling: ten (from micro signal: drama can say junengshuo) today to see Wu Lei [micro-blog] students the latest bazaar photo, from head to foot in seconds over! First, look at this one here is so obviously down to earth up, the three stone body of his brother so praise! One minute of a boat and Li Weng good! Look at this picture: mature temperament Pumianerlai and does not appear molimen! You look like a hero, is a story about Shaoxia, do you mind sharing with me! Look at this: a second or a mature temperament, this sense of youth again. Do you want to travel with such Shaoxia?! Look at this: fusion of classical and fashion, and the sword and the light! Another two vision: one red and one green, the artistic conception of the leading position. Look at this photo, I just want to say to each big square: please let Wu Lei classmates shoot one hundred martial arts drama! Please let Wu Lei students play one hundred Lang a young spark in high and vigorous spirits! (commissioning editor: Sisi) statement: sina.com.cn exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: