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Henan "black" youth was successfully settled in detention? The police response to the original title: "Henan Xuchang" black "youth was detained successfully settled? The police response to Beijing in November 3, people.com.cn (Xiao Jinbo Intern Pan Wenyue) recently, the "Henan Xuchang" black "youth detained by public security organs for fighting, results in prison settled, father have mixed feelings" text spread widely in micro-blog, some below the text with pictures. This message is not marked with time, place and why things happen, but because the "black households" through illegal into account "and attracted the attention of the public. The news is true or false? No account of illegal personnel, public security organs do account? In November 2nd, people.com.cn truth column reporters call the Xuchang Municipal Public Security Bureau of Henan Province, after the police check, the message is not true. Network news said, Henan, Xuchang, a young man was detained by the public security organs for fighting, but he was born outside the policy, has not been reported to the account. The public security organs to determine their identity, according to their parents’ Id give him appointed ID number, and according to the age identified age. The youth in prison successfully settled, the father of the child, I have mixed feelings, "for he ran for fifteen years did not report on the account, he had done". The text on the micro-blog heat transfer, part content is accompanied by a suspected news picture from the picture picture, faintly visible, caught by the police seem to have some happy youth. After the police found that the text of the message as early as March 5, 2016 appeared on Sina micro-blog and was forwarded, but then there is no text in this paragraph, Henan, Xuchang". In October 26th, the same text appeared on a website in Beijing, this time has been added to the "Henan," the words. Subsequently, with the words "Henan, Xuchang," the text is reproduced by multiple users. As for why this note, non-existent scripts will point to the Henan Xuchang, police said, has not yet found. The picture of the message is actually a report in the media in April 7, 2015, was arrested for driving without a license, after 90 drivers: detention room or single room in the news. March 22, 2015, a 90 driver was arrested for driving without a license by the traffic police administrative detention for 7 days, a fine of $1000 penalty. But when the guy that face fines and detention, "he laughed". In the road to detention, had also asked the police: "detention is a single room or a double room". During the trial, the guy has been smiling. Thus, the network transmission Xuchang ‘black households’ youth fight detention office on account of the news text is not compatible. The police further pointed out that, only from the text itself, there are a lot of flaws. If there is network news in the "black" youth fights cannot determine the identity ", described the treatment of public security organs in the text that is far from. No account of illegal personnel, the public security organs will be based on the specific reasons for the absence of the first account, the disposition of the situation. If it is outside the policy of birth, the police will find their parents, asked to go to the hospital to do DNA identification, with the identification of DNA to the health sector issued proof, in order to prove that the account can be handled相关的主题文章: