Her sister got to bend the Chinese fans sister has to learn a small K dress like this. chompoo araya

Her sister got to bend the Chinese fans sister has to learn a small K that wear lead: Recently, burst out of a small series very shocking news: "Twilight female Kristen · Stewart (Kristen Stewart) to marry his girlfriend, and plans to hold a wedding on the beach!" (source: Ruili nets) Twilight female courtship success although really let me many sister heart into the stuffing, but since K began to cut short hair, mad pull cool hanging fried days are T way, whether the news is true, the heart is small: it really OS Kristen · Stewart. The mood is very complex and experienced "tender cow five" Robert · Pattinson (Robert Pattinson) after the breakup, and director of the car door, the small K has been in a depressed state of career and life, first look at the small K before dressing style, even still looks very personal, but perhaps because of long hair, or have a pure and fresh, the small shy Feel. Small K before collocation style ponytail, midriff, miniskirt, these girls are synonymous in the "young" K you have embodied the most incisive, Yan value can really solve everything, no matter what kind of driving style, have come in handy. Amount of support… More and more street style but I do not know what time from the beginning, K seems to live very "transparent", the big wave cut a smooth, dress style has undergone tremendous changes, take off the dress, began to "Genzheng Miao red" casual street style. If you have a small, want to look more handsome than male friends, want to bend the girl "psychopathy, then Kristen · Stewart (Kristen Stewart) of the street wearing a ride had to learn about, after all, she was called the Tomboy Style hall level figures, learn this, bye curved fans sister, not every minute thing? Tips 1 even though the ever-changing fashion love only Vans, Adidas, Converse small K shoes love, completely to the realm of obsession. There is also a strange point, the more dirty old shoes, the more she likes, completely not in Care himself is a star this thing. Especially Vans shoes, all is all the classic, but also seems to have a few years, some soles are broken also still insist on wearing the most economical, the entertainment actress, I fully deserve K. Beloved ex girlfriend vans and Soko street, wearing this pair of Vans red suede shoes, K shoes is really all in a pair of the most dazzling, do not know whether to take the CP Soko and individuality to choose warm color, poof ~ CP Street vans Vans collocation chess chessboard grain shoes is a small K favorite, white belly and collocation T-shirt, Boyfriend edge jeans, small can only say this really "Kristen &midd!相关的主题文章: