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"Heroes day" story of Wen Wen Biao child open generation "three segment crying" – generation entertainment Sohu Wen Wen Kuxi appealing Sohu entertainment news by Liang Guoguan, directed by Li Yonghui, Jiang Long, Wen Wen, Liu Shuai starring martial arts through the network drama "Master Day", before being hit video Sohu the plot, also began to enter the fast rhythm, strong plot stage. This week ushered in the eleventh set, a reversal of the previous Dadanaonao humorous style, for the first time yesterday staged a child heart scene, Liu Ritian injured heart seeing friends crash to sissy nuqibuzheng whirlwind tears, unable to get up after a fall, the outbreak of call up days, two starring Jiang Long, the generation of Wenjun performance is not vulgar, the characters’ inner struggle performance most incisive, especially one who played horns on behalf of Wen Wen Biao acting burst, "three segment crying" triggering tears collapse. Oriental jade saved the day on behalf of Wen Wen girlfriend force MAX strength ring powder series, Wen Wen’s generation is the Oriental Oriental Jade Palace lady, I gentle, saved due to accidental crossing from the modern Liu Ritian, the dark heart Xu, become "day heroes" of the "fan Mei on the day," Liu admired, God made it. However, in yesterday’s story, always gentle obedient Oriental jade showed bursting force girlfriend Liu Ritian et al in the ambush, weak she regardless of danger, a sudden stop in front of a man, ordered the day ahead, resolute attitude and allow all doubt. Have friends address him, "oriental lady friend MAX ah, everywhere covered Liu Ritian by the strength circle powder, so please give me a call." Generation of Wen Wen Biao acting to the three section of "crying" sissy child cry because users see friends died, jade caught himself through the back of the modern Liu Ritian at a loss what to do, and more "fire unable to get up after a fall, almost to the house, could not bear to see the day that sissy, finally first confided the wake up call. The new generation of flowers on behalf of Wen Wen acting outbreak contributed a shocking "three segment crying scene", to sissy inner struggle level reflected, first from disappointed confused tears in the eyes, and then to understand the sad tears persuade days, and finally to complete her tears out of control knee tears, Wen Wen to sissy generation of inner struggle and emotional progressive interpretation of child heart plot so all threads neatly tied up, also let the audience shouted distressed, pocketed friends tears. In yesterday’s episode, three swords were killed, Liu Ritian fled, jade’s fate is also makes people worried about whether she can escape from the clutches of Enron three Hall? When will she meet again? In the face of Oriental jade and to two of CC he righteous girl, Liu Ritian exactly how to choose? These are so users care about, please continue to focus on the video Sohu in every Tuesday, Wednesday update "Heroes day".   相关的主题文章: