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How to make the emerging countries in the economic field with the mobile phone?! – Sohu technology currently in emerging economies, there are ways of approximately 20 million people and 2 million small and micro enterprises lack of savings and credit. That is, there is a way of the group, but also must be very limited product costs. The country’s economic growth has been hit hard. But in fact, the solution is in the hands of people: mobile phone. Digital finance, that is, through the payment of mobile phones and the Internet to provide financial services. Digital finance has injected new vigor and vitality into the development of individuals, enterprises and governments in developing countries, which has promoted the improvement of GDP, which makes the inclusive economic growth from a vision into reality. In a new report by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), "digital Finance: emerging economies inclusive growth engine", the first attempt to quantify the impact of digital finance. In addition to a large number of economic model, the report also shows in 7 countries (Brazil, Ethiopia, India, China, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan) found in the field survey, and more than 150 interviews with experts view. The report also provides the key conditions to describe the need for digital financial benefits. The study found that financial figures in emerging countries in the extensive promotion and application for its contribution to GDP growth of 6%, to 2025 the total growth of up to $3 trillion and 700 billion, which is equivalent to the whole world and added a new German economy, bigger than the economies of all of africa. The increase in GDP will create ninety-five million new jobs in all sectors of the economy. Many people will benefit from this. Digital will provide a way for financial savings bank account 1600 million people, there are more than half of women. Also due to increased deposits will reduce the risk of loans, it will generate $2 trillion and 100 billion of the loan amount continued to provide individuals and small and micro enterprises. At the same time, the government will spend more than $1 billion 100 million a year to reduce public spending and raise taxes. Financial services providers will also benefit from the traditional way, light is converted to digital mode, operating costs will be reduced by 80% to 90%, by the change they can save 4 billion per year, plus the digital way and expand customer groups, the scale of annual savings can continue to grow to nearly $4 trillion and 200 billion, for this they may provide a lot of profit growth. The country’s starting point is different, its economic growth potential will be very different. Such as Ethiopia, India and Nigeria low income countries have the greatest potential for growth, in a very low degree of financial inclusion, the popularity of digital finance makes it possible for them to achieve 10% GDP growth of 12%. Pakistan, due to various reasons, GDP growth potential is low, about 7%. Middle income countries, such as Brazil, China and Mexico, are likely to increase by 4% to 5% GDP, which is still a big increase. Digital payment and financial services are the important foundation of modern economy相关的主题文章: