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Self-Improvement Knowing how to tell when a person is lying does not have to be an art. It is easier than you might think. A small amount of observance is basically all that is required from most people. Most all people who lie or is lying give off nearly the same reactions, symptoms or whatever you want to call it. These or just some subconscious involuntary things the body does on its on doing the so called lying process. One simple way how to tell when a person is lying is when asked a question they repeat the same question to themselves out loud. This is just a stall tactic to have more time to think of a lie. Liars typically stall and speak slower than usual all while .ing up lies in their head. A persons cadence or voice tone tends to change and voice pitch gets higher when lying. This is all unknowingly to the liar. Do not about the face. Watch it carefully, there is a lot happening there. It"s the easiest way of how to tell when a person is lying. Pay close attention to the eyes. A liar really doesn"t want to make eye contact with you because the eyes tell all. Notice the smile. When smiling a person uses almost all facial muscles. When lying, a persons smile muscle just center around the mouth and just looks unnatural. It looks forced. A persons body language also is a giveaway. But requires some close attention. Another subconsciously movement is turning the body away from you or folding of the arms all in an effort to cover up the lie or distance from it. Some fidgeting may occur also. Nervous movements and pointing with the arms could also be away how to tell when a person is lying. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: