Hubei downtown SUV hurricane Lianzhuang 9 cars crashed out of a blood escape (Figure) seaway

Hubei downtown SUV hurricane Lianzhuang 9 cars crashed out of a blood escape (Figure) the scene hit the vehicle in the morning of November 17th, Hanchuan City North farms occurred at the scene, an SUV hit many people crazy car, traffic flow into a blood away from the scene. At present, the suspect Lee suspected of endangering public security by other dangerous methods is controlled by Hanchuan police. The Han River fishing horror description, was 17 in the morning, Hanchuan city appeared Duolu hurricane vehicles, the car Lianzhuang number of vehicles, the incident is located in the city of North farms before densely populated sections, a hanging Wuhan license plate of the vehicle, the driver suspected of drug driving, many people hit the car crazy, just in the stream of people the traffic hit a blood, fled the scene, police are now pursuing, and, and, and victim of the owner Mr. Peng told reporters that he will be a car parked in the nearby farms, into the market to buy food, in the farms was heard outside noisy, go out on the road there are many years. The vehicle was damaged, his car was damaged many onlookers, talking, said a police motorcycle chasing an SUV, off-road car crazy Biao caused. Metropolis Daily reporter learned from the police on the morning of 18 November 17th, 10 pm, Hanchuan city north market hit and run driver 32 year old Lee to surrender to police in Hanchuan, the town of Lee in Hanchuan city. Hanchuan police briefed reporters, November 17th morning 8 am, Hanchuan City Public Security Bureau Command Center received traffic police support request, in the City North Street food market to Beiqiao direction has a gray off-road vehicle hit many people fled, requiring staff to intercept. After the alarm, the command center quickly mobilized police brigade and Chengguan police station rushed to the scene disposal, and the mobilization of the relevant units along the set card interception.

湖北一越野车闹市狂飚连撞9车 撞出一条血道逃逸(图) 现场被撞车辆   11月17日早上,在汉川城区北街菜场发生惊魂一幕,一辆越野车疯狂撞击多车多人后,在人流车流中撞出一条血道逃离现场。目前嫌疑人李某涉嫌以其他危险方法危害公共安全被汉川警方控制。   网友汉江钓客惊悚描述,当时是17日早上,汉川闹市出现夺路狂飙的车辆,该车连撞多车多人,事发地位于城区北街菜场前人口密集路段,一挂武汉号牌的车辆,司机疑似毒驾,疯狂撞击多车多人后,硬是在人流车流中撞出一条血道,逃离现场,现警方正追击中・・・・・・   受害车主彭先生向记者讲述,当时他将小车停在菜场附近,进菜场买菜,在菜场内就听到外面闹哄哄的,走出来一年,马路上有很多车辆被撞坏,自己的新车被撞坏多处,围观群众都在议论,说是一辆警用摩托车在追一辆越野车时,越野车发疯狂飚造成的。   楚天都市报记者18日上午从警方获悉,11月17日晚10时许,汉川城区北街菜场肇事逃逸司机32岁的李某到汉川警方投案自首,李某为汉川市城隍镇人。   汉川警方向记者介绍,11月17日早上8时许,汉川市公安局指挥中心接到执勤交警支援请求,在城区北街菜场往北桥方向有一辆灰色越野车撞伤多人后逃逸,要求派员拦截。接警后,指挥中心迅速调动交警大队及城关派出所民警赶赴现场处置,并调集相关单位沿途设卡拦截。相关的主题文章: