I am Virgo character poster Ady Ann Ahn Jae Hyun sweet rice-pretty rhythm

"I am Virgo" character poster Ady Ann Ahn Jae Hyun sweet feed Tencent entertainment news will be released in November 18th, directed by Chen Bing, Ady Ann, Alex Fong, Ahn Jae Hyun starred in the constellation theme romantic movie "I am Virgo" continue to "sugar"! The movie today exposed a group of character posters, Ady Ann, Ahn Jae Hyun again staged "delicacy temptation", holding food, look attractive, because a romantic delicacy coincide with the film the two, also indicates that the film is a sweet and delicious food, is for the audience in this "love feast". Gratifying is that this "feast" has been in North America first approved, recently held in Losangeles, the American Film Festival won the "Golden Angel award, the audience will wait and see. The film tells the story of a Dilemma Choice of love Ady Ann as boss of beauty with our Virgo Virgo and Taurus meat Ahn Jae Hyun uncle Alex Fong, the whole film seductive and humorous, romantic and touching. The movie "I am a Virgo" set the file in November 18th "forced" release! Ahn Jae Hyun Ady Ann soon fed "and sweet delicacy food" movie "I am Virgo", Ady Ann and Ahn Jae Hyun for delicacy and Out of blows friendship grows, sparking a romantic love story interesting. Today, the exposure of the character posters, Ady Ann, two people holding food, Ahn Jae Hyun look attractive, Ahn Jae Hyun is with chopsticks delicacy, provoke many sisters shouted "Obama to feed me!" The poster revealed two pieces of delicacy love, also indicates that the film is a sweet and delicious food, is for the audience in this "love feast". Not long ago, "I am Virgo" held in Losangeles China Film Festival won the "Golden Angel" award, the director Chen Bing said: "we want to do this movie carefully, like in the film as the delicacy delicious taste brought to the audience." In addition, the poster background is also quite Virgo style, arranged in a variety of props to show the Virgo’s finishing addiction and perfectionism. And at the two groups found that their background reflects the different occupation characteristics of two characters: beauty as a restaurant owner, Ady Ann’s background is a variety of exquisite kitchen utensils and tableware, and played the delicacy editor’s background is Ahn Jae Hyun, coffee, notebook computer and other office equipment, elite full range of children. Virgo love no easy facing the "food" test Ahn Jae Hyun although the film no confession, feeding, etc. "and dog food would kill the plot, but as the love between the perfectionist Virgo love it faced many difficulties. After the exposure of the "food" trailer has a small penetration plot: with the tongue "Kenshin" gourmet Ahn Jae Hyun suddenly, loss of taste, no sensitive taste buds is a fatal blow to him, but he was on misunderstanding of Ady Ann, then became his "angel of salvation". In many tests of love and career, Ahn Jae Hyun whether the recovery of taste, he and Ady Ann and whether they can find their own "love", all the audience expected. "I am a Virgo" is not only the first film in the history of the film to a single constellation theme of the film, but also a love encyclopedia on the constellation, in addition to the two main lines of Virgo, but also interspersed with Taurus men, Scorpio相关的主题文章: