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I wish you a good sleep – Sohu recently moved to a new home, found that sleep is really a more and not easy, is unable to sleep at night, more than six in the morning wake up, every night the most expected thing is to have a good sleep. A person’s life is about 1/3 of the time spent in bed, a good sleep is very important today to talk about the skills of the ten, let your bedroom into a place where you can sleep peacefully. Shading curtains for this, I have a deep understanding, just move that moment, the landlord’s original curtains super light, six points a day, the light is not enough to stimulate you to sleep. While people are sleeping, the body is self repair, the process requires the assistance of darkness. An opaque curtain is simply an angel sent by God to save you. You can sleep in the morning and wake up without having to be disturbed by the strong light, and it can also provide you with enough privacy in the daytime. Although many people love warm soothing tone color, but in the bedroom, refreshing tone is the best choice, because they have blue calm and warm tone effect, can often be incentive, are more likely to keep you awake at night. Simple decoration when you go to bed, if there are too many points in the bedroom to attract your attention, it may make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Get rid of clutter, keep the bedroom minimalist, it will help you to sleep. A convenient bed under ideal conditions, your alarm clock, cups, photos and magazines they all need a place, choose a practical and beautiful table is very necessary. Place the bed position to choose a suitable location to place your bed is one of the key, you put it in a room can reach into place, every minute to let you lay up. If you have a bedroom window, facing it, choose a shade, give you a quiet world. Reasonable space arrangement in the bedroom must choose your bed is reasonable, with the size of the space you, at least make sure you have enough space in walking, so as not to let you get up in the middle of the night to knock to get hurt. Lighting bedside lighting is also crucial, soft and soothing light is the ideal choice. Adjustable wall is a good choice, it can not only keep you clean is your best partner in bed reading in bed. Air circulation is essential to the flow of air, good circulation performance to ensure the freshness of the air. This will be a good night sleep aid. Quiet Decor create a relaxed environment, quiet decoration can not be ignored, not too much, simple and beautiful is good, do not have too much to distract you, let you calm down, so you can better sleep. Finally, you need to consider a few things do not put into the bedroom, such as television computer fitness equipment. Although it is a great pleasure to watch a movie from the comfort of the bed, it will often interrupt your plan if you have a TV in your bedroom. After winter is coming, is not to do a hibernating animal? It’s impossible to be a hibernating animal, but you can have it相关的主题文章: