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What about plagiarism imitation, reference or Home bond in a hammer by Luo Yonghao brought the "mobile phone ring spring", hammer M1 M1L officially released to meet with you; in the hammer T1 release, product feelings and artisan spirit with a hammer, although the hardware configuration is low, but the effect of process design is one of the leading industries; but the release of the hammer M1 series, look basically the same with iPhone from the front, face recognition completely disappeared, 1 times the hammer Luo most proud of the design, only the distance sensor and receiver integrated with double side buttons. Can be seen, the Luo made concessions to the market. Imitation, plagiarism   from or; Home key thing about a hammer hammer M1 in the configuration, compared to the previous T series is rapid, full of blood version Xiaolong 821 processor, 4GB 6GB, 24W top-level configuration version of Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charging current; but in appearance, the hammer series M and T a series of retro technology is completely different; one of the most provoking note is round home button three button is similar to iPhone instead, for a time, Home key hammer M1 many users become a hot topic. So, hammer M1 this Home key in the end is not copied apple iPhone? Hammer: did I really copy the apple? The Home key Home key iPhone and M1 are compared from the hammer appearance, such as the contrast then you will find a hammer, M1 can be said to be the history of the mobile phone iPhone mobile phone as the most positive, because the front shape is really like, but you must know that "like" does not mean "yes", carefully observe the Home the key of the two, will find that the design is different, the hammer M1  the Home key fingerprint ring "compared to iPhone wide, and the design of high brightness in the side of the fingerprint loop around the Home key and iPhone has a mirror effect, and the hammer M1 metal ring is adopted on the ferry paint design, use for a long time may lose the paint. Hammer M1 in hand feeling experience, both of them are different, the author found that measured Home key design hammer M1 one sense is not strong, cause Home key touch button as iPhone comfort; in addition, press the iPhone  Home key is not obvious; feedback; this may be related to the structure design and the Home key, the following will analysis of structure design. IPhone  7 and M1 in addition to the difference between hammer appearance, both in function are also different; the Home key hammer M1 compared to iPhone increase some functions, such as long press the Home button to start the power button function, a similar increase in Meizu mBack function in interactive function, touch the Home button can return to the previous level, Luo said, "we do not like to be different, not the same for the better", but has the interactive experience of the mobile phone in addition to hammer M1.相关的主题文章: