In 2016 Chinese car loan summit and car loan circle was established Conference

In 2016 Chinese car loan summit and car loan circle was established conference in November 23, 2016, the car loan payment service (a ring, a lot of money), everyone enrichment, which cast net, wealth of fruit and other well-known car loan platform jointly organized the 2016 car loan summit held in Shenzhen; sponsored by the above well-known car loan platform after careful consultation the car loan industry self-discipline organization "car loan circle" also established. A lot of gold dress as the car loan summit and car loan platform launched one of the circle of participating in the summit, listen to the views of industry experts, with the same industry together to exchange experiences, to discuss the present situation of car industry and the future development direction. It is understood that a lot of gold dress as the automobile financial information service platform of cutting-edge, in just one year, the total investment amount exceeded one billion yuan, one billion yuan platform among the club. In the new regulatory policy, a lot of gold clothing actively embrace, followed the direction of development of Internet financial industry, and constantly improve the security measures, strict audit risk control measures, the third party depository bank funds, tens of millions of risk reserves, large data risk control model, small decentralized investment model, to create a safe and reliable investment environment for users. The main theme of this car loan is technical exchanges, industry analysis, data sharing". November 23rd at 14:00 PM, the guests and the launch of the platform representatives have come into play, signed his name on the signature wall, and posed for a photo. A large number of gold clothing strategy, President of the General Assembly on behalf of a lot of gold to attend the summit, and in the field to accept a number of media interviews. 14:30, 2016 Chinese car loan summit officially started, Guangdong Internet Finance Association Secretary General Mr. Zhu Chunming delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, said in his speech: car loan as high quality assets in the new regulatory policies by the majority of the gold cross platform blitz, but the car loan industry is still in the primary stage of development, is also facing many problems. Hope that through this summit, to promote the car loan industry healthy and normative development, steadily promote inclusive finance, to create more high-quality wealth for investors. Subsequently, Ying Chan consulting released the P2P car loan mortgage compliance white paper, while holding a healthy and innovative development in car loan industry Roundtable theme. The summit is a lot of gold by the highlight of clothing, everyone enrichment, which cast net, business loans, easy credit, Hanson River after wealth, wealth of fruit and other well-known car loan platform launched the car loan ring ceremony. It is reported that the car loan circle is the organization and practitioners exchange platform of automobile financial self-discipline nationwide, provided by the network home loan strategy support, the Guangdong Association of Internet banking as a guide, to provide practitioners with information sharing, accelerate the car loan industry compliance process.     at the inaugural ceremony, a lot of gold as a car loan service circle unit of speech on stage, the formal establishment of congratulations on car loan circle, while the car loan ring for car loan platform and car loan industry norms to the affirmative; hope that through the car loan circle, promote the communication between the platform. Promote compliance of the car industry. At the inaugural ceremony, the company released a circle of illegal practitioners car loan inquiry system. As a platform for the launch of a large number of guests and invited guests, with the industry.相关的主题文章: