In a new rocket hit multiple first ten years of the formation of the mystery is only two words – Soh-jiqingwuyuetian

In a rocket ten years of innovation and the formation of new words for the first time a mystery is only two words – Sohu written in front of the military channel, an army development and progress of the soul. How to improve the innovation of fighting capacity growth, become a reality exam commanders at all levels. Mission focused on the mission to promote military innovation, extensive mass innovation activities. From the camp to the missile launch position, from the south to the Gobi desert forest, respect for innovation and innovation become the fashion. What are the criteria for innovation? Innovation vitality come from? The innovation of the fruit to air plant? Starting today, the newspaper launched a series of military forces to carry out mass innovation activities of the news investigation, please pay attention. Innovation is good, the key to see the standard — rocket troops to carry out mass survey of innovation activities in the camp, the reporter first came to the Rockets in a missile brigade station. The journey is wonderful, long for the strategic missile force in the history of the record: the completion of the first battalion missile launch mission, training methods and tactics to create a historical precedent; for the first time to complete the whole brigade fire assault, to realize the transformation of manual operation to computer control, refresh the number of records…… A building is only 10 years of "new" tour, how to become a rocket troops "elite force"? There are a lot of answers. But the officers and men of the most praise, is the brigade to carry out the normalization of mass innovation activities. The innovation activities sound is not new, but let reporters surprise, these from the hands of the brigade officers and the birth of the innovation of the hugely popular, almost all of them are closely linked with the combat! What is the secret? Innovation is good, depends on the standard hard not hard." The brigade leader, said: this standard that standard, the key to establish combat standards, with the length of the ruler, will make innovation into real combat effectiveness!" In fact, the words of the brigade leadership is not the first, but the consensus formed by the brigade’s previous party committees. Once, they also crossed the road. In the face of the information technology highly integrated missile weapon equipment, the officers and men of innovation are very enthusiastic, but picked up the "gun" innovation, but not everyone will be pointing to where the "sight". The masses of the innovation activities at the beginning of a project report put on the brigade leadership desk: some of the pursuit of "tall", thinking of the prize; some guise of tracking the trend, the aim is "market"; some spent a lot of time, but only stay in the "pots"; and the cross holding mentality label put all sorts of things together…… Grassroots officers and men in the battle line of construction, energy can not interfere with the dispersion. Innovation is good, the battlefield has the final say!" The brigade to formulate timely issued "the masses to carry out innovation activities implementation opinions", set up a "threshold": innovation must focus on fighting bull problem on crack combat effectiveness construction. What are the important and difficult questions? The brigade technical room senior engineer Liao Feipeng told reporters about a creative experience. That year, the troops were divided into a number of simultaneous execution of several major military tasks, the lack of training ammunition problem highlights. Liao Feipeng see in the eyes, anxious in the heart. He took several technical backbone, the bed moved.相关的主题文章: