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In the current premium: soybean meal futures derivatives market review client gradually repaired due to supply and demand determines the long-term trend of the market view the latest quotes, the first part is an overview of a market, and the stock inventory fluctuation, squeezing profits and the price difference through the interpretation of a large, under the direction of the small change of rhythm. On the one hand, the U.S. soybean export sales data has been strong, Argentina soybean acreage is expected to reduce the La Nina weather hype has not yet started, the domestic soybean futures price premium spot. On the other hand, the U.S. soybean production forecast in high yield, the domestic port stocks continued high volatility, soybean meal demand in the short term is difficult to increase the background pressure above the heavy meal, but the distance there is always a little light, boost the market power to do more. Figure 1701 soybean contract price trend chart source: financial derivatives, futures second R & D Department of part of the fundamentals of supply and demand determine long-term trends in the market, the upstream supply of soybeans 1 1.1 U.S. soybean supply is expected to loose the year 201415, the U.S. soybean record production reversed years of tight supply and demand situation, establishes the long-term bearish market the main tone of the price of beans, is the first year of the bull market to bear. In 201516, the us again yield, breeding technology and field management technology in the United States strong refresh market expectations for the value of the U.S. soybean yield. Brazil and Argentina in South America, the sustained high yield for many years, making the world’s supply of beans more relaxed market. The US price has been in a downward trend, the lowest point below the December 2011 and June 2010 record of 1107, 903 cents a bushel, eventually stabilize shocks in the vicinity of 850, the price low consolidation for 8 months. Until March 2016, the soy market turmoil, South Argentina due to heavy rainfall affected, resulting in the field of water, and ultimately affect the yield of soybean, Argentina soybean exports substantially reduced. South American export due to the lack of a normal year soybean importer in September will be the procurement target to the United States, but this year from the beginning of July soybean. The US market in strong export data driven, began a strong rebound, U.S. rebounded to 1187 cents a bushel. With the year 201617, the excellent rate of data either good, and with the weather market, U.S. soybean yield data continues to increase, the market for this year’s soybean production of a new high expectations is very strong, after the rebound in June U.S. soybean prices fell again, the minimum fell to 940 cents a bushel. In the United States on hundreds of millions of tons of production before the market price is relatively rational. The United States Department of Agriculture announced the August USDA report predicts that 201617 annual global soybean production will reach a record level of 330 million 410 thousand tons, the annual growth of 201516 compared to 312 million 670 thousand tons in 5.67%; at the same time consumption will reach a record level of 329 million 820 thousand tons, the annual growth of 201516 compared to 317 million 200 thousand tons in 3.98%, an increase of relatively flat stock.相关的主题文章: