In the lol game on time send identity Jay Chou face book at childish aptana studio

As LOL Jay Chou sent facebook game ID on your self naive juvenile addiction and Jay Chou engage in the matter, as the singer he had always wanted to occupy a space for one person in the LOL sector, he often told people they were in the game JAY, but they do not believe, and Jay Chou all make things, even to their own good song spoilers to whom. Jay Chou Jay Chou today early in the morning to play LOL, then victory, naive he told the enemy passers-by, he is Jay Chou want to learn to play Oh ~ he chose juggernaut (small inner OS estimation is this: fast praise me ah, I’m Jay Chou ah, but also play games it! Fast praise me ah! Fast praise me ah! Boast about me! Jay Chou Facebook but passers-by said: I believe you a big head ghost, how do you prove it. So Jay Chou told him: at noon, I will send a face book, said I win very comfortable in the morning! Jay Chou had twelve points when sending a face book, also say childish laugh. It is Wednesday for a small public, have someone to wait school, I’ll show you my composition got off. There is a girl girl back just in that game, see Zhou Dongfa’s face book realized that he really is Jay Chou, his lucky! Jay Chou looked at the small cup to record the Kensai record, Jay Chou should be right, oh my mama, see his qualifying statistics I believe. Jay Chou Jay Chou Jay Chou record record record (source: MGS treasure editor: D) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: